Directional Valves

MR Series — Ball & Lever Handle Installation Instructions
  Selection guide – Directional Valves.
  See Spring-Centered Knob Installation.
  See Plastic Knob & Lock-Down Bracket Installation.
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Preliminary Cartridge Installation:

1.) Install the cartridge and optional lock-down plate as
     indicated. See cartridge torque specifications in the
     Technical Data section, page 9.020.1

Install Cartridge

2.) Install the spacer as shown. Note that an extra spring
     ring is provided should one get damaged or lost.

Install Spacer


Handle Subassembly:

3.) Install the ball or lever, the spring, and the position pin
     into the top rotator. Note that the rotator inlay is
     fastened,but may be repositioned later.

Install Ball or Lever

4.) Turn the rotator to position the pin in the correct
     start hole position. Refer to the Start Hole Position
illustrations on the following page for proper position.
     HydraForce has pre-assembled the position ring in the
     adapter plate per the kit ordered. Use the drive stud to
     find the appropriate start position.
     Hold this sub-assembly together manually or with tape
     until ready to proceed.

Position Ring


Start Hole Position Illustrations (see step 4 above)
Identify your handle kit part number from the illustrations below.
Align position zero on the inlay and adapter plate subassembly as illustrated.
All set screws are tightened to 0.030.04 Nm (34 ft.-lbs.).

Start Hole


Handle Subassembly to Cartridge Valve:

5.) Turn handle sub-assembly to the desired position on
     the cartridge shaft. Push the adapter plate to a flush
     position with the cartridge adapter and tighten the
     three set screws to 0.030.04 Nm (34 ft.-lbs.) in the
     adapter plate sub-assembly to the cartridge adapter

Rotator Subassembly

6.) Push the rotator subassembly to a flush position with
     the cartridge shaft spacer. Tighten the two set screws
     on the rotator into the spacer at 0.030.04 Nm
     (34 ft.-lbs.). If necessary, loosen the inlay screw
     to reposition

Install Spacer



7.) After all the set screws are tightened, the knob should
     move slightly upward. This allows the assembly to
     rotate from one position to the next.

Install Ball or Lever

Handle Kit Parts


Selection guide - Directional valves.
See Spring-Centered Knob Installation. Request a quote.
PDF file of this page. See Plastic Knob & Lock-Down Bracket Installation. See MR Series Operator Options.