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In our Electronic Load Sense (ELS) solution, pressure transducers and an ECU are used to sense the load being applied to the various machine functions. The ECU program monitors the pressure at several points in the circuit to optimize pump flow in relation to the speed demanded by the operator.

By communicating with engines and pumps using a CAN networked ECU it is possible to achieve enhanced performance and efficiencies in your material handling machine. The combination of our electro-proportional valves with sensors and electronics can enhance machine performance, safety, and reduce the number of components in a system. Mechanical devices that were once used to send signals to prime movers can be eliminated, further streamlining your machine.

• ELS optimizes control, efficiency and stability.
• Save cost size and weight by reducing mechanical components.
• Lowers power consumption and saves battery life

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Email us to get started with your Load Sense solution: HydraForce.Online@hydraforce.com

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