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As an industry leader, HydraForce offers a unique series of innovative engineered hydraulic control solutions — INTEGR8. These solutions are designed to save engineering time and maximize efficiency. Specifically, they take the guesswork out for the most common hydraulic functions by providing engineered circuits featuring the best valve configurations.

INTEGR8 in i-Design.

Now i-Design v4 features a built-in library of INTEGR8 schematics to accelerate the design process.

Integr8 Advantages

1. Innovative

HydraForce offers the largest range of performance optimized cartridge valves in the industry. Cartridge valve and manifold system technologies provide performance options and feature flexibility unsurpassed by alternative valve configuration.


Integr8 Advantages

2. System Efficiency

HydraForce cartridge valves can be combined and packaged to optimize machine efficiency and integrate multiple functions in a common control scheme. Different sized components can also be inter-mixed to optimize metering characteristics, and minimize both size and cost.


Integr8 Advantages

3. Serviceable

The screw-in manifold valve solution is easy to service and maintain, significantly reducing both machine downtime and cost of repair.


Integr8 Advantages

4. Customizable

HydraForce manifold housings can be configured in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials to fit tight spaces. Port locations can be placed to improve hose routings, reduce installation time and minimize installed costs.


Integr8 Advantages

5. Flexible

INTEGR8 components can be specified as pre-tested, rated and performance detailed circuit configurations. When using these base configurations as a starting point, systems can be customized with individual function control features, all within a machine specific, customer specified housing construction.


Integr8 Advantages

6. Durable

Every HydraForce manifold is 100% function tested at the factory, and every valve is backed by a 5-year warranty.


Integr8 Advantages

7. Optimal Performance

HydraForce cartridge valves offer precise, application coordinated performance and unmatched tune-ability. Performance can be designed for a variety of features, including flow-sharing, compensation, pre-compensation, port pressure protection and more.


Integr8 Advantages

8. Fewer Leak Points

A single manifold block with fewer connections presents less opportunity for hydraulic leakage.

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