New ECU-0809 Machine Controller Packs More Processing Power into a Cost-Effective Package
October, 2013
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HydraForce has released the new cost-effective ECU-0809 machine controller.
Built on the powerful Infineon XC22 processor, this next generation machine controller offers 150% more processing power and 3 times more programming memory than earlier CoreTek products.

The ECU-0809 features a robust, light, leakproof and chemical resistant zinc/plastic enclosure with a 3-point mounting that allows firm anchorage, even on irregular surfaces.

A built-in, programmable diagnostic LED indicator indicates faulty conditions such as a program watchdog timeout, supply voltage too high or too low, unit over- or under- temperature, and reference voltage too high or low.

The ECU-0809 units also feature improved
F-RAM capabilities that allow an unlimited number of memory saves to non-volatile memory. By comparison, the ECU-0809
F-RAM can be written to an infinite number of times, while other industry controllers limit their flash memory to 1 million write cycles.

Main screen for new ECU-BackBone v2.0 programming software.
Controller screen for the new ECU-BackBone v2.0 programming software.

This unlimited F-RAM is especially useful when working with a program that must continually update parameters, because it alleviates the concern of depleting all of an ECU's memory.

All CoreTek machine controllers are programmed with the flexible and license free CoDeSys software.

Updated ECU-BackBone v2.0 Software Speeds Programming

In addition to the various hardware advancements, there are several new corresponding ECU-BackBone v2.0 features that help reduce programming time.
  The new ECU-BackBone v2.0 tool includes an improved J1939 setup which reduces J1939 message configuration time by providing preconfigured, standard J1939 messages, with preprogrammed logic and link flags in an easy to use menu scheme.

You can now manage all of your project files from one easy to use directory.

The next generation CoDeSys libraries and ECU-BackBone v2.0 with automatically installed libraries are now available on the recently revamped HydraForce Electronics Portal.
Features Benefits
Powerful Infineon XC22 processor. Offers 150% more processing power and 3 times more programming memory.
Improved F-RAM capabilities. Allows unlimited number of memory saves to non-volatile memory; ideal for use with programs that must continually update parameters.
Certified to normal automotive E17 (EMC) standards for electromagnetic compatibility. Product meets electromagnetic compatibility standards and does not cause electromagnetic interference.
Robust, light, leakproof, chemical-resistant zinc/plastic enclosure. Can be specified in wet, humid, and outdoor applications and in environments where chemicals are used.
Signal LED indicate faulty conditions. Quick status check and fault detection.
CE Certified, complies with WEEE, European Community Directive 2002/96/EC for waste electrical and electronic equipment, RoHS, European Community Directive 2011/65/EU restricting hazardous substances. Meets European standards for safety and environment and can be marketed in Europe. Customers won't have to worry about environmental issues when they need to dispose of the product.

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