New 3-Way High Pressure Hydraulic Check Valve Joins HydraForce Lineup of 16-Size Checks
March, 2014
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The New HyPerformance™
HCV16-30 Check Valve
For high pressure hydraulic applications where blocking or load-holding is needed, the
HCV16-30 hydraulic check valve provides a new three-way option. The HCV16-30 allows flow from port 1 to ports 2 and 3 while blocking flow in the opposite direction.

The HVC16-30 is the third 16-size check valve in the HydraForce lineup, joining the standard model CV16-20 and the high pressure
HCV16-20, which are both two-way check valves. All three check valves are rated for the same flow 151 lpm (40 gpm) but the HCV16-20 and HCV16-30 are rated for higher pressure
350 bar (5075 psi).
The HCV16-30 offers another industry advantage - lower pressure drop. At full rated flow, the pressure drop for HCV16-30 is only 3 bar (40 psi), compared with 6 bar (90 psi) for the HCV16-20 and 4 bar (60 psi) for the standard CV16-20.

With its built-in SAE fitting, the HCV16-30 can be used as a combined work port check, eliminating the need for an additional, separate fitting in the manifold.

If you have questions about the application of hydraulic check valves, contact your HydraForce Regional Sales Manager.

The HydraForce Lineup of 16-Size Check Valves

Check Valve
ISO Symbol
ΔP@ full flow
4 bar
60 psi
6 bar
90 psi
3 bar
40 psi
Rated flow
151 lpm
40 gpm
151 lpm
40 gpm
151 lpm
40 gpm
Work port pressure
241 bar
3500 psi
350 bar
5075 psi
350 bar
5075 psi

The schematic below shows how the HCV16-30 valve can be applied in a bridge circuit.

In this circuit, hydraulic pressure is provided to Work Ports A and B, which are regulated by two HCV16-30 check valves that block the flow or hold the load until the right pressure is reached in the system.



The HVC16-30 check valve is ideal for these applications:

• Bridge circuits
• Directional control circuits
• Work port check
• Anywhere a 16-size load-holding
  check valve is needed

Features Benefits
Built-in SAE fitting. Can be used as work port check, eliminating a fitting.
Tested to rigorous standard of NFPA specification T2.6.1. Versatility in application, allows flow to two ports instead of just one with lower pressure drop.
High temperature, single-piece urethane seals. Dependable performance at high operating pressures.
Standard cavity HVC16-2. Sealing that can tolerate high pressure and temperature.
Operating pressure to 5075 psi/350 bar. Can be specified for high-pressure, applications.
Tested to 1 million cycles at full rated flow and pressure. Long life; no worries about wear or decreased performance over time.
Designed, inspected and tested to HydraForce Quality standards with 5-year warranty. (See full warranty statement in the catalog.) Guaranteed use for five years or longer.

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