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Updated March, 2015

HydraForce Earns On-Time Delivery Award From Fluid System Components

HydraForce was named Best On-Time Vendor Partner for 2015 by its distributor Fluid System Components. Craig Sinnott and Eric Lau accepted the award at the FSC sales meeting in April.

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HydraForce 1st Annual Toys For Tots Drive
Honoring the memory of co-worker
Fernando Suarez III

Thanks to all who contributed toys for the U.S. Marine Corp. Reserve to distribute to needy children in Lake County, Illinois, and to U.S. Bank for their additional financial contribution to the drive
   — Honorary Chairperson Gudelia Suarez and
   the Suarez Family.

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Traction Control Using HTD10-40 Torque Divider
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This unique valve lets you size your traction control system for performance in the curves and down the straightaways; without adding oversized components and complex electronics.
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HydraForce Hydraulics Ltd.
Construction Has Started On A New Facility Opening in August 2015
This new facility, located just 3.2 km (2 miles) from the existing plant, offers 7,000 sq. m. (75,000 sq. ft.) more space. The proximity of the new location allows the current workforce to remain intact and maintain all quality processes. There will be no interruption in production, as the move is planned during the regularly scheduled summer shutdown period and the existing building will be available for backup flexibility. It will be business as usual during the move.
New 3-Way High Pressure Hydraulic Check Valve
Joins HydraForce Lineup of 16-Size Checks
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For high pressure hydraulic applications where blocking or load-holding is needed, the HCV16-30 hydraulic check valve provides a new three-way option.
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HydraForce Releases Two Economical and Efficient Proportional Valve Drivers
ExDR-0101A is a single output proportional driver with serial communications for configuration, and ExDR-0201A is a dual output driver with SAE J1939 CAN communications. Ideal for use in off-highway mobile or industrial machinery, equipment attachments or ancillary devices; flexible ExDR proportional valve drivers work nicely as economical stand-alone units, or in distributed CAN systems.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain, Nick Clegg, visited precision valve manufacturer HydraForce this week to sign a historic growth deal for Birmingham which will bring over £357 million of investment to the region. HydraForce received an award of over £1.8m from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund towards its £17m investment in a brand new factory, currently being built in Birmingham.

HydraForce is pleased to announce the opening of a sales and support office in Japan.
Art Smith, HydraForce’s VP of International Sales and Marketing stated “This new office, along with the recent opening of our manufacturing facility in Changzhou, China, broadens our global reach and support network in the Asia Pacific Region. The Japanese market is very important to the future growth of our company, and this office will facilitate establishing relationships with new customers while strengthening our relationships with existing customers and distributors.”

HydraForce Japan LLC
Shiodome building 3F
1-2-20 Minato-Ku
Tokyo 105-0022
Mobile: 080-2227-3914
Product Improvement - Dimensional Change for -08 Size Valves
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HydraForce is modifying the profile of -08 size valves with H (hidden), F (factory) style adapters and some manual directional controls.
HydraForce accepted into VDMA
HydraForce was accepted into the German engineering federation, Verband Deutscher Maschinen-und Anlagenbau e.V. (VDMA). As a member of VDMA, HydraForce is now one of
3,100 small/medium-sized companies in the mechanical engineering industry with operations in Germany.

HydraForce operates a sales office in Zweibrucken. The Zweibrucken location supports HydraForce customers in Germany and surrounding nations with product design and application engineering services.

“VDMA membership puts our Zweibrucken operation in an elite group of companies with mechanical engineering expertise,” said Mark Wilson, European Director of Sales and Marketing. “As a VDMA member, we will benefit from an array of services that will make it easier to do business in Germany, including market statistics, law, tax and labor resources, environmental services, educational services, and E-business.”

HydraForce is the world’s leading independent designer and manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valves, custom manifolds and electro-hydraulic controls for the mobile and industrial hydraulic industry. Founded in 1985, the company is headquartered near Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. and has manufacturing and assembly plants in Birmingham, U.K. and near Shanghai, China. HydraForce also recently opened an Innovation & Technology Center which will serve as the epicenter for product research and development.
New Multi-Function HSPEC Cartridge Valves
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For high pressure applications where flow-sharing or load-holding is needed, the HSPEC family of proportional flow control cartridge valves provides a unique advantage. Available in several sizes and flow ratings, HSPEC valves are rated to handle high hydraulic pressures of 350 bar (5075 psi)

The HSPECxx-30 is designed for post-compensated applications with load-sense systems.
The HSPECxx-34 is designed for load-holding with precise, stable flow control. It has built-in damping.
provide post-compensated "flow-sharing" at high pressures.
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New CoreTek Model ECU-0809
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General Purpose Machine Controller for Off-Highway, Mobile Equipment.
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HydraForce INTEGR8 —The fastest way to arrive at efficient, reliable hydraulic
control solutions.
HydraForce offers a unique series of innovative engineered hydraulic control solutions — INTEGR8. These solutions are designed to save engineering time and maximize efficiency.

Take the guesswork out of the most common hydraulic functions by using our engineered circuits featuring optimal valve configurations.

Choose your control option:
Flow Control   Directional Control

INTEGR8 in i-Design.
Now i-Design v4 features a built-in library of INTEGR8 schematics to accelerate the design process.

i-Design Hydraulic System Design Software
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New i-Design 4 is now released. The industry standard in manifold design software, i-Design 4 features over 2,500 improvements, including a built-in library of INTEGR8 schematics to accelerate the design process. It also features an improved bill of material tool for easy component specification, and improved Automation Studio compatibility. As always, you can download a FREE copy today.


i-Design 4
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HydraForce Valve Library in Automation Studio™
HydraForce incorporated over 1000 valves, components, and options into
Automation Studio. HydraForce and Famic are developing detailed, functional
simulations for Automation Studio software that will simulate HydraForce products performance in a hydraulic circuit.

The entire HydraForce valve and component library, as well as i-Design are fully compatible with Automation Studio V5.7. i-Design users will be able to start a project in i-Design and then seamlessly export it into Automation Studio for simulation.

Wachendorff Opus A3 and A6 Displays
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Wachendorff Opus A3 and A6 Displays Now Available – HydraForce controls can now be operated using the Wachendorff Opus A3 and Wachendorff Opus A6 programmable displays.
Wachendorff Opus A3

Wachendorff Opus A6
Guard Against Corrosion — Zinc Nickel 1,000-hour plated product
HydraForce now offers 1,000-hour corrosion protection on all hydraulic cartridge valves
and solenoid coils.
New HYPERFORMANCE High Pressure Valves
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New HyPerformance Solenoid and Directional Operated

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H-Series HYPERFORMANCE High Pressure Valves for continuous operating pressures up to 350 bar / 5075 psi.
'HYPERFORMANCE' is a trademark of HydraForce Inc.
All rights reserved.

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One page Bulletin explaining the "HyPerformance DIfference" and describes what the "H" in the HyPerformance model code stands for
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HydraForce China facility in Changzhou is now open!

HydraForce China
Building 15A, No. 388 West Huanghe Road
GDH Changzhou Airport Industrial Park, Xinbei District
Changzhou, China 213022

The China location will serve as the company’s operating base for Asia / Pacific markets and will include manifold manufacturing responsibility, assembly and test capabilities, combination valve design, as well as customer service and sales support activities.

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New Solenoid Valves
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HydraForce has released valves with an integral sensing option capable of transmitting an on or off signal.
SV10-P20A, SV10-P22A, SV10-P23A, and SV12-P23A are now available with Integral Position Sensing
Features Bulletin
SV10-P20A SV10-P22A SV10-P23A SV12-P23A
New HyPerformance Solenoid Operated Valves
for operating pressures up to 350 bar / 5075 psi
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SVRV10-26 and SVRV12-26F Dual-function solenoid valves with integral pressure relief, for bypass unloading applications.
Flow up to 189 lpm/50 gpm,
Pressure up to 297 bar/4300 psi
Features Bulletin
SVCV12-20 12-size 2-way poppet valve, pilot-operated with reverse flow check. Flow up to 113.6 lpm/30 gpm. Pressure 240 bar/3500 psi Features Bulletin
SVCL10-30 poppet valve, 3-port, normally closed, flow to
57 lpm/15 gpm,with check-isolated load sense for
integral piloting or load-holding capability. Patent pending.
New Electro-Proportional Valves
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SP08-57D and SP08-58D 08-size 5-way, 3-position,with load sense port. Flow to 9.5 lpm/2.5 gpm for the SP08-57D, and
15 lpm/4 gpm for the SP08-58D. Pressure to 241 bar/3500 psi
Features Bulletin
SPCL10-3x proportional directional valve, 3-port, normally closed, flow up to 57 lpm/40 gpm, with check-isolated load sense for integral piloting or load-holding capability. U.S. Patent 7,921,880.
SPCL16-40 proportional directional valve, 4-port, normally closed, flow up to 152 lpm/15 gpm, with check-isolated load sense for low-leakage blocking and load-holding applications. U.S. Patent 7,921,880.
New Coils and Controllers for Proportional Valves
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EVDR-0201 — Dual/Single Valve Driver, Plug-in Style with J1939 communication capabilities, CE-Qualified
New Directional Valves
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New HyPerformance Directional Operated Valves
for operating pressures up to 350 bar / 5075 psi
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New Flow Control Valves
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HEC12-32, HEC12-34, HyPerformance
Pressure Compensators rated up to
350 bar / 5075 psi
HEC32-43, HEC12-42, HEC12-43 HyPerformance™ Load
Sense Pressure Compensators rated up to
350 bar / 5075 psi
New Pressure Control Valves
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RVD50-20P direct-acting, poppet-type, hydraulic safety relief valve intended for use as a pressure limiting device for common hydraulic circuit protection. Suitable for use as a safety accessory in Category IV Group 2 applications according to the European Commission (EC) Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC. Flow to 114 lpm/30 gpm
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RVCV56-20 direct-acting poppet-type relief valve with a built-in reverse-flow check. Flow to 113.6 lpm/30 gpm;
Pressure to 420.6 bar/6100 psi
PRES50-30 reduces high system pressures for lower-pressure secondary functions. Full pressure is plumbed into a steel adapter which can withstand up to 345 bar/5000 psi. Secondary manifolds can be aluminim, reducing system cost and weight. Rated for flow up to 11.4 lpm/3 gpm.
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