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The HydraForce and Dantal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd relationship began in 2009 when HydraForce expanded its horizons in the Indian market. Dantal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd shares HydraForce’s vision for excellence in the mobile equipment industry, and embodied the type of distributor partner needed to deliver its high-quality, cost-effective, space-saving combination valves delivered in a timely and responsive manner.  After a mutually successful 5 year business relationship, HydraForce is pleased to announce that Dantal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd has become its second Global OEM Systems Integrator. 

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HydraForce and Dantal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd believe strongly in a collaborative design approach for producing custom products to a global quality standard for local OEMs.  HydraForce and Dantal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd use a common design platform and we share best practices in order to deliver the most optimized, best performing solutions.  As a Global OEM Systems Integrator, Dantal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd offers the most comprehensive hydraulic cartridge valve lines, electro-hydraulic control systems, and custom manifold solutions for the mobile and industrial equipment markets.  Together we design and manufacture high performance control solutions for flow rates of 0.4 to 530 LPM and pressures up to 420 bar.  Our custom manifolds offer no-leak, screw-in componentry, fast and easy valve replacement, and reduced plumbing when compared to traditional hydraulic systems.  We also offer a robust line of electronic controllers that are rugged, reliable, and optimized for integrated electro-hydraulic systems. 

HydraForce and Dantal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd have collaborated on many custom manifold solutions for a variety of industries including, agriculture, construction, material handling, and mining, which includes applications from tractors and harvesters to wheeled loaders, fork lifts, power-train, marine, and alternative energy.  With proprietary innovations like the i-Design hydraulic circuit design tool, our clients are directly involved in designing their own custom manifold solutions. Dantal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd and HydraForce engineers work directly with clients to offer the best solution for the client’s application.  After a design is approved by the client, contemporary machining and assembly practices are employed using the best techniques for maintaining cleanliness while delivering fully tested products that the client can install with confidence.



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