Smart Controls for Paving Machines
The Road Goes On

Roadbuilding is a never-ending enterprise. It seems even before one job is finished, another one is beginning. What man builds, nature and weather are always tearing down. Old pavement is recycled and made new. The world is growing and commerce and industry depend on continual renewal of infrastructure.

This demanding, unending cycle requires new, smarter, and more efficient roadbuilding machinery to keep pace. Fleets large and small need reliable equipment with robust, powerful, and precise hydraulic controls for all types of functions. HydraForce understands this need, and is ready to provide the POWER TO PAVE!

    • GatE and GlobE
    • Auger/Conveyor Drive
    • Auxiliary Function Controls
    • Screed Heater Generator Drive

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GatE and GlobE
Auger/Conveyor Drive
Auxiliary Function Controls
Screed Heater Generator Drive
    Your machinery makes you money. Down equipment means costly delays, idle staff, and expensive repairs. Compact and reliable cartridge valves from HydraForce are tough enough to perform, and they are also easier to maintain than stack or CETOP valves. A cartridge can be replaced in minutes where it may take hours to replace a failed valve stack. This means when things do go wrong, you are able to get back up and back to making money quickly.
    In our connected world, smart devices are everywhere: from the car you drive to the refrigerator in your kitchen. Imagine your connected fleet being able to report that it’s time for a filter change, or the hydraulic pressure is dropping in the conveyor circuit of one of your pavers. GatE provides a secure encrypted gateway for all your equipment’s data. GatE enables remote monitoring, diagnostics, and software updates. GlobE is an IoT platform provided as a service for OEMs and fleet owners to enable customized services. GlobE is optimized for mobile machines using HydraForce ECU products or even third-party CAN connected networks. It is provided as a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective cloud service.

    GatE and GlobE make fleet management and remote servicing easy and secure with 24/7 connectivity.

    • Monitor machine performance
    • Update parameters and software remotely
    • Make service calls faster when the technician is prepared in advance with the right parts


    Pavers: Big and Small, They DO IT ALL
    Pavers take truckloads of hot asphalt and lay it down in smooth and perfect mat over the road surface. Weather you are paving a highway or a driveway, it takes a lot of power to do this efficiently. Tons of material are conveyed at independent feed rates to either side of the machine where augers spread it out evenly in front of the screed.

    Consistency is key to quality pavement.The advancing screed must be fed with the precise quantity of material to ensure consistent thickness and density of the mat, even when paving around curves, or forming crowns or slopes in the grade.

    On the jobsite, performance is key. Pavers that operate with power and precision give you the advantage.

    • Integrated load sensing
    • Flow sharing
    • Closed-loop control
    • HyPerformance™ valves rated to operate at 350 bar

  • Auger/Conveyor Drive

    The asphalt feed system: the auger/conveyor drive consists of two independent parallel flow paths for the left and right sides of the machine. The conveyor and auger operate in series. A pressure compensated-proportional flow control (PV1, 2) regulates the feed rate by shunting flow around the conveyor motor. A proportional flow control (SP1, 2) regulates the auger speed by shunting flow around the auger motor. Relief valves (RVD1-4) limit operating pressure to the motors. 3-position, 4-way directional solenoid valves (SV1-4) can reverse motor direction when needed.
  • Auxiliary Function Controls
    Just about every function on a paver is hydraulically actuated or powered. An auxiliary function manifold includes directional controls to position or operate each of the hydraulic cylinders on the machine, including:

    • Raise/lower hopper wings
    • Positioning flow gates
    • Extending/retracting the left and right sides of the screed
    • Raising/lowering the screed
    • Setting the tow point/screed angle of attack
    • Controlling screed vibration
    Priority flow regulator and flow divider valves provide priority to the levelling cylinders. Solenoid operated 3-position 5-way directional valves extend/retract cylinders while providing an isolated load-sensing signal. EPFR pilot-operated logic element provides load-sensitive pump unloading. PO checks and counterbalance valves provide load holding and motion control. Relief valves protect components from overpressure and external load-shocks.

  • Screed Heater Generator Drive
    To keep the surface as smooth as possible, pavers use an electrically heated screed. A hydraulically driven generator powers the heating elements. A closed-loop speed control ensures consistent generator output even as the engine speed, electric load, and available hydraulic supply vary. The HydraForce EGDR-0101A Electronic Generator Driver controls the pressure-compensated flow control PV1 using input from EACD-1 Electronic AC frequency Detector. This PID control system is able to drive the generator speed to a setpoint with feedback, detecting fluctuation in the AC frequency of the output.


    Cartridge valves offer you the most flexibility when designing control systems. HydraForce has the widest range of sizes, operating pressures, function choices, and space-saving multifunction valves.

    • Size valves for the flow requirements of the function
    • Independent metering of A and B ports
    • Simplify piping
    • More valve choices
    • Combine or distribute controls
    Get your machines up and running fast with HydraForce cartridge valves that can be changed in minutes compared to hours with stack valves.

    • Size valves for the flow requirements of the function
    • Independent metering of A and B ports
    • Simplify piping
    • More valve choices
    • Combine or distribute controls

  • Hydraulic Power Take-Off with Flow Sharing

    HydraForce Auxiliary Function Circuits provide precise control of flows for balers, crop harvesters, and other auxiliary equipment.

    Higher productivity requires higher flows, and HydraForce cartridge valves can handle flows up to 300 lpm (79 gpm).

    When the flow demand exceeds the system supply, flow sharing can help maintain effective control.
  • Front and Rear Hitch Control Circuit

    Hitch (Lift Control)
    As tractor power and sophistication increases, so do the flow rates. HydraForce SPCL16-30 valves gives precise control up to 150 lpm (40 gpm) while holding the loads with extremely low leakage. HydraForce RV10-28 and RVD50-20 relief valves limit the shock pressure peaks whilst having very low leakage and hysteresis.

    • Gives precise control up to
      150 lpm (40 gpm)
    • Limit shock pressure peaks
    • Low leakage and hysteresis
    Proportional Hitch Control Circuit

    Rear Hitch Control Circuit

    Positioning and attaching the rear lift hitch attachment from the cab gives increased productivity and improved operator comfort and safety.

  • HydraForce is pleased to offer a full line of electronic vehicle control products integrating engine, transmission and other machine functions into a common J1939 or CAN Open Data Link control circuit.

    These systems consist of rugged, field-proven components suitable for heavy-duty operating conditions. PWM digital signal logic maximizes efficiency, response and signal integrity under harsh environmental conditions. Reliability has been proven through extensive testing, as well as years of real-world application experience.

    This is a complete line of the most rugged, heavy duty vehicle machine controllers, monitors, displays and electrical connectors for motion control and integrated machine control applications in mobile, off-highway and material handling equipment. AuxFunc_flowshare-circuit

    • Reliable operation in the most demanding mobile
      equipment applications
    • Operating temperatures from -40 to 85°C
    • Chemical splash immunity
    • Moisture resistance to IP67 specifications
    • Fully resistant to EMI/RFI
    • Vibration resistant to 8 Grms (random) 24–200 Hz,