Efficient Solutions for Trailed Equipment
Trailed Equipment That LEADS The Market

Feeding the world today takes more than a green thumb, it takes technology: smart and efficient equipment that helps farmers squeeze every dollar out of a crop. The value agricultural OEMs provide lets farmers maximize resources, reclaim their time, and get more done, sun to sun.

HydraForce helps you provide the most advanced and reliable technology to the market. Fluid power is the workhorse of modern agricultural machinery, and compact efficient cartridge valves from HydraForce allow designers the most flexibility in crafting systems that deliver precise metered power to implements, drive systems, and actuators. Reliable and serviceable cartridge valve technology makes complex distributed on-board control systems possible for trailed equipment, achieving precision that would not otherwise be possible relying on tractor hydraulics.

At HydraForce our talented sales and application engineering staff offer you the expertise and creativity to build solutions that let your products stand out in the crowded marketplace. We help you accelerate your time to market, and add real value for your customers.

Depend on us!

    • Self-Loading Wagons
    • Sprayers
    • Seeders
    • Balers and Baler/Wrappers
    • Electrohydraulic Solutions

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Self-Loading Wagons
Balers and Baler/Wrappers
Electrohydraulic Solutions
  • Self-Loading Wagons
    HydraForce products for loading wagons include proportional flow control, meter in/meter out, double-blocking load holding valves, proportional pressure limiting, and directional/sequencing valves. Combined into a single centralized integrated circuit, or distributed throughout the machine in function-specific manifolds, HydraForce cartridge products are there to manage and control the many functions.

    • Loader control
    • Knife grinding control
    • Head lift/lower
    • Electrohydraulic or mechanical forced steering solutions
    • Axle suspension
    • Conveyor floor/automatic loading system
    • Tailgate
    • Tilt and dump
    conveyer Pressure-compensated reversible conveyor floor control allows even loading and rapid unloading

    Solenoid valve, normally closed, double-blocking

    Rated flow:
    11 lpm (3 gpm) at 345 bar (5000 psi)
    19 lpm (5 gpm) at 275 bar (4000 psi)

    Rated pressure: 350 bar (5075 psi)

    Max internal leakage: 5 drops at 350 bar (5075 psi)
    Proportional flow control, normally closed, spool type, pressure-compensated

    Rated flow: 0 to 68 lpm (0 to 18 gpm)
    Rated pressure: 350 bar (5075 psi)

    Cartridge valves offer you the most flexibility when designing control systems. HydraForce has the widest range of sizes, operating pressures, function choices, and space-saving multifunction valves.

    • Independent metering of A and B ports
    • Operate with open or closed centre tractor hydraulics
    • Simplify piping
    • More valve choices
    • Combine or distribute controls
  • Sprayers
    Modern sprayers let you squeeze every drop of value from your solution. Precision requires accuracy, reliability, and repeatability from the vehicle hydraulics. At HydraForce, we hang our reputation on precision. With the most sophisticated flow and pressure controls available, your sprayer will perform dependably season after season. Products are available for all vehicle functions:

    • Boom fold/unfold
    • Precision boom height control
    • Boom/axle suspension
    • Electrohydraulic steering
    • Solution pump control
    • Filling pump control
    Electrohydraulic steering control allows straight
    row-tracking yet follows the tractor when turning

    Piloted spool-type bypass compensator with optional manual override

    Rated flow: 151 lpm (40 gpm)
    Rated pressure: 345 bar (5000 psi)
    In the field, performance is key. Implements that allow faster operation without sacrificing precision give you the advantage.

    • Valves with Integrated load sensing
    • Double-blocking load holding
    • Precision pressure controls
    • Industry-leading proportional flow controls
    • CAN/ISOBUS ECUs and valve drivers
  • Seeders
    With a short planting window, seeding machines are getting bigger and are expected to perform at higher speeds. This is where HydraForce gives you the advantage. Our industry leading proportional pressure controls give you the most precise control over coulter pressure to ensure consistent sowing depth in variable soils. You can expect dependable performance with HydraForce cartridge valves for all seeding machine functions:

    • Loading/unloading
    • Distribution fan
    • Vacuum pump
    • Fold/unfold
    • Downforce control
    • Depth control
    • Boom float
    • Steering

    Downforce control ensures proper planting depth in variable soils

    Multifunction valve, proportional flow control with integrated pressure compensator

    Rated flow: 1.5–40 lpm (0.4–10.5 gpm)
    Rated pressure: 350 bar (5075 psi)
    Proportional pressure reducing/relieving valve, drop-in

    Rated flow: 19 lpm (5 gpm)
    Control pressure at max current:
    Option A: 20 bar (290 psi)
    Option B: 25 bar (363 psi)
    Option C: 30 bar (435 psi)

    Post-compensated flow sharing allows functions to operate independently and simultaneously saving time in the field.
    Valves sized precisely to the flow needs of the function save space as well as energy.

    • Flow sharing
    • Right-sized components
    • Low internal leakage
  • front_rear_hitch-circuit
    Constant torque control provides smooth operation of bale wrapper
    Balers and Baler/Wrappers
    Combi-balers that combine rolling and wrapping save time in the field. Precise pressure controls allow optimum bale density. Torque drive smooths out pressure oscillations in the high inertial load wrapper drive. Post-compensated flow-sharing technology allows baling and wrapping to occur simultaneously with other functions to bale continuously without stopping. HydraForce cartridge valves support all functions:

    • Open/close/ejection
    • Head lift/lower
    • Gathering and cutting
    • Precise pressure control for optimum bale density
    • Belt drive
    • Wrapping

    Proportional pressure control, pilot-operated relief

    Rated flow: 95 lpm (25 gpm)
    Operational relief pressure range:
    Range A: 7–207 bar (100–3000 psi)
    Range B: 7–159 bar (100–2300 psi)
    Range C: 7–117 bar (100–1700 psi)
    Precision farming is time-dependent. You’ve got to make hay when the sun shines, plant when the soil is ready, and harvest before the snow flies. There is no time for downtime.

    You can depend on HydraForce quality to be there for you,
    season after season.

    Bale density control system manifold

  • Electrohydraulic Solutions
    Electronic controls elevate cartridge valves to a whole new level of performance. Electronic Control Units with fast processors and wide range of flexible I/O options let you build complex logic and respond to changing operational conditions. Valve drivers with CAN networking capabilities allow precise metering profiles or closed-loop PID control with feedback. Our
    HF-Impulse software, available for free download, lets you easily configure valve drivers, monitor operating conditions and set tuning parameters, flash firmware updates, or create custom applications without writing a single line of code.

    • ECU products programmable with CodeSys or configurable with
    • ExDR valve drivers configurable with HF-Impulse
    • CAN Open/ISO J1939/ISOBUS
    • Temperature and pressure sensors
    • CAN button panels
    • Display and interface products
    • HF-Impulse configuration, programming, and service tool
    Cartridge Product Offering
    • Solenoid-operated proportional flow and pressure controls
    • IP-69k rated environmental coils with sealed terminals
    • Pressure compensators
    • Directional and logic valves
    • Pressure-limiting devices
    • Double-blocking low-leakage solenoid valves
    • Response time as low as 5 ms
    • Balanced loading of series motors with HTD torque dividers
    • Restrictive and bypass type priority flow dividers

    System Efficiency
    Cartridge valves can be combined and uniquely packaged to optimize machine efficiency, improve operator control, and integrate multiple functions into a common control scheme.
    Significantly reduce machine downtime and cost for repair or maintenance with a screw-in manifold valve solution that is easily, quickly and economically serviced.
    No fixed configuration castings. Manifold housings can be configured in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials to fit tight spaces.
    Using base circuit configurations as a starting point, manifold systems can be customized to fit any mounting, shape or size constraint.

    Every manifold is 100% function-tested at the factory, and every valve comes with the HydraForce five-year warranty.
    Optimal Performance
    Cartridge valves offer precise, application-coordinated performance and unmatched tune-ability.
    Fewer Leak Points
    A single manifold block with fewer connections presents less opportunity for hydraulic leakage.