Custom Manifolds

HydraForce Hydraulic Manifold • Consolidate your
hydraulic control system.

• External connections
are minimized.

• External leakage is
virtually eliminated.

• Reduced installation time
and system maintenance.

• 100% circuit logic and
function tested.

• “FastTrak” service
for quick delivery of a
working prototype block.

Custom Hydraulic Manifolds

At HydraForce we believe that better performance comes from working together, and our engineers and field representatives will work with you to design your hydraulic control system. We understand that optimizing the performance of your machine starts with creative hydraulic integrated circuits, and when you work with HydraForce, you can select from the broadest product range in the industry.

Our design staff will collaborate with you and verify your design prior to manufacturing a prototype. Then we'll make any necessary refinements and engineer your product to meet your exact specifications. With proprietary innovations like our i-Design manifold tool, designing your hydraulic control schematic is easier than ever. The result is a performance- and configuration-optimized hydraulic solution that is designed exclusively for you.

About Hydraulic Manifolds

Custom hydraulic system manifolds (also called Hydraulic Integrated Circuits or HICs) consolidate and optimize machine control functions. They can be attached directly to steering units, pumps, and cylinders to shorten the hydraulic flow path and boost performance. This improves hose routing and reduces the number of hydraulic connections, which in turn reduces hydraulic leakage.

Hydraulic manifolds are flexible, compact, vibration-resistant, and reliable. Multiple control functions can be combined into a single manifold with the use of multi-function cartridge valves. Valve replacement or upgrading can be done easily and conveniently with little or no down time.

All manifolds are 100% circuit logic and function-tested.

HydraForce can provide the following options for your custom hydraulic control system manifold:

  • Steel, aluminum, cast or ductile iron manifold blocks.
  • Anodized or zinc plating for protection in severe environments.
  • Industry-common valve cavities.
  • Fittings, CETOP valves and accessory components can be included.
  • "FastTrak" service for quick delivery of a working prototype.
  • i-Design Hydraulic System design software available free of charge to qualified users.

Every HydraForce manifold is hydraulic function-tested to a documented customer/product-specific test procedure. Manifolds produced at our U.S. and U.K. facilities conform to the requirements of the ISO 9001 Certified Standard. HydraForce will mount customer specified fittings or other components not of our manufacture on request.

Valve Housings

Single cavity housings are available in a variety of port sizes from 7/16 - 20 UNF - 2B to M42 x 2,0 -6H for industry-common valve cavities. Anodized aluminum housings are rated up to 207 bar (3000 psi). Steel and ductile iron housings are available in select sizes for high-pressures up to 345 bar
(5000 psi).

Custom Manifold Accessories

A full line of manifold accessories are available from stock including: cavity plugs, orifice discs, port plugs, orifice plugs, pilot pistons, screen cartridges, as well as cavity form tools and finishing tools.

Support Services for Manifold and HIC Designers HydraForce is pleased to offer local assistance to manifold and Hydraulic Integrated Circuit (HIC) designers through our network of 120 authorized stocking distributors in North and South America, Europe and Asia or direct to Original Equipment Manufacturers. Find the closest distributor on our web site,

You can request a free Hydraulic Integrated Circuit consultation at any time –

If you want to do it yourself, you can download free software for hydraulic circuit design and optimization and hydraulic troubleshooting from the HydraForce web site. The latest version of our i-Design software includes an international graphic symbols library that allows the hydraulic designer to select valve by ISO symbol or function as well as model number or description. i-Design can be used to create a customized integrated manifold circuit, specify valve assembly layout, and determine the price of the assembly.

Users of PRO-E and SolidWorks can download HydraForce's library of STEP models, which are optimized for easy import. Easy to download, accurate, and adaptable to your own assemblies, our STEP model library includes HydraForce's complete offering of valves and accessory components.

Monthly webinars provide design tips, new products and application ideas for the variety of cartridge valves available for use in your manifold.

Give yourself an industry advantage with the most innovative hydraulic system manifolds . . .
from HydraForce!