HydraForce Hydraulics Ltd.
New Facility Opening in August 2015

HydraForce Hydraulics Ltd. is the European headquarters for HydraForce, specializing in engineering and manufacturing of hydraulic manifolds and selected cartridge valves. Construction has started on a new facility to be completed by August 2015.

This new facility, located just 3.2 km (2 miles) from the existing plant, offers 7,000 sq. m. (75,000 sq. ft.) more space. The proximity of the new location allows the current workforce to remain intact and maintain all quality processes. There will be no interruption in production, as the move is planned during the regularly scheduled summer shutdown period and the existing building will be available for backup flexibility. It will be business as usual during the move.

Manufacturing Capacity
11,150 sq.m. (120,000 sq. ft.) factory in the Advanced Manufacturing Hub, Aston,

£17m investment in the European market with 200+ jobs over the next five years

22 valve assembly and test cells with room to add 30 more for new valve models
  including next generation powertrain valves and high pressure HyPerformance™ valves

8 manifold lines with room to add 12 more for European custom hydraulic manifold

HydraForce Ltd Takes Shape in Birmingham . . .
The new building for HydraForce Ltd. is beginning to take shape. These photos from January 2015 show the superstructure is now in place and construction of the walls has begun. Many of the machines that use HydraForce cartridge valves are now hard at work on location in Birmingham. This series of photos captures the action . . .
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January 2015

A Bird’s Eye View of Our Building in Birmingham . . .
On February 12, a few more snapshots were taken of the new HydraForce Ltd. building in Birmingham. Within the superstructure, the three floors of the building are taking shape. This series of photos shows the view from each floor.

February 2015

Topping It Off On Aston Hall Road . . .
It was a March of progress at 250 Aston Hall Road in Birmingham, as construction continued on the HydraForce Ltd. building. The official address has been announced: HydraForce Ltd., 250 Aston Hall Road, Birmingham, England, B67FE. This series of photos shows progress on the roof and windows.

March 2015

Aston Hall Road in April . . .
April brought plenty of progress to the HydraForce Ltd. building at 250 Aston Hall Road in Birmingham. This series of photos shows progress on the interior, exterior and grounds.

April 2015

May Colour . . .
April showers bring May flowers – but May at 250 Aston Hall Road in Birmingham was colourful not from flowers but from the variety of equipment brought in to finish construction. This series of photos shows the green, yellow, red and blue of cherry-pickers, aerial lifts and telehandlers hard at work at HydraForce Ltd.

May 2015

June Progress Report . . .
May and June are the months of testing and commissioning for the construction project at HydraForce Ltd. So the 1st of June was an appropriate time for our company President and Chairman of the Board to inspect the work. The moving process will start in July. Here are some snapshots of the progress in June.

June 2015

July Progress Report . . .
On July 8, HydraForce officially took possession of its new building at 250 Aston Road at the Advanced Manufacturing Hub in Birmingham, U.K., as Peter MacDonald (right) Managing Director shakes hands with Mark Benning, Senior Project Manager, Buckingham Group Contracting Limited. Move-in is scheduled to start on July 27.

July 2015

August Progress Report . . .
Open for business on Aston Hall Road!

On August 10, HydraForce officially opened for business at 250 Aston Hall Road. Be sure to use the new address: HydraForce Ltd., Advanced Manufacturing Hub, 250 Aston Hall Road, Birmingham B6 7FE United Kingdom. The main switchboard telephone is the same +44 (0) 121 333 1800. If you were using direct dial to call co-workers at Ltd., those direct dial numbers are no longer active as employees will have new extensions.

August 2015

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Global Presence, Local Support
• Multi-lingual customer service – German, French, Italian, Polish, Swedish with dedicated
  CSRs for distributors

• 59 European distributor locations in 27 nations encompassing eastern Europe, Africa
  and Asia

• Focused on supporting distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the
  European agriculture, construction, material handling, and powertrain markets

• 465 sq. m. (5,000 sq. ft.) applications engineering lab to support control system testing
  for customer vehicles and equipment

HydraForce is looking for distributors in Europe.

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