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HSP10-21 — Poppet-Type, 2-Way, Normally Open
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HSP10-21 Valve

HSP10-21 Valve symbol


A high pressure solenoid-operated, 2-way, piloted, normally open, poppet-type,
proportional, screw-in hydraulic cartridge valve for low-leakage blocking or load-holding

When de-energized, the HSP10-21 allows flow proportional to the applied current from
from ports 2 to 1 while severely restricting flow from ports 1 to 2. When energized, the
valve blocks flow from ports 1 to 2 after overcoming the spring and actuator forces
(see performance graph).
Note: If low voltage is expected on the machine, 12 or 24 volt systems will require the
use of 10 volt or 20 volt coils respectively.
See “SP Valves and Coil Operating Parameters,” page 2.002.1_pdf.

• Industry-common cavity..
• Continuous-duty rated coil.
• Efficient wet-armature construction.
• Waterproof E-Coils rated up to IP69K.
• Manual override option.
• 1000-hour salt-spray rated solenoid tubes.
• All HyPerformance products are tested to NFPA specification T2.6.1.
and are tested at a verification level of 90% and an assurance of 99%.

Operating Pressure: 350 bar (5075 psi); 10% Cycle Life: 420 bar (6090 psi)
Flow: 53 lpm (14 gpm) with 11 bar (160 psi) compensation;
   34 lpm (9 gpm) with 5.5 bar (80 psi) compensation
Internal Leakage: 5 drops/minute max. at 350 bar (5075 psi) at port 2
Temperature: -54° to 107°C (-65° to 225°F) with Urethane seals
Filtration: See page 9.010.1
Fluids: Mineral-based or synthetics with lubricating properties at viscosities of
  7.4 to 420 cSt (50 to 2000 sus); See Temperature and Oil Viscosity, page 9.060.1
Installation: No restrictions; See page 9.020.1
Cavity: HVC10-2; See page 9.110.1_2w
Cavity Tool: HCT10-2xx; See page 8.600.1
Seal Kit: HSK10-2U-0 Urethane; See page 8.650.1
Coil Nut: Part No. 7004420

The EVDR Series controllers are recommended for use with most HydraForce proportional valves.
These newer electronic controllers are versatile, reliable, and easily configured and customized for
a wide range of applications. See the EVDR Product Selection Guide.
For other Electronic Controllers, see page 2.001.1_pdf




HSP10-21 Valve Performance Chart



HSP10-21 Valve Pressure vs Flow



HSP10-21 Valve Dimensions



Cartridge: Weight: 0.2 kg (0.45 lb) without coil and nut. Steel with hardened work surfaces. Zinc-plated exposed surfaces; PPDI Urethane seals without back-ups standard.

Standard Ported Body: Weight: 1.18 kg
(2.62 lb); H-Series Ductile iron. Rated to 345 bar (5000 psi). See page 8.010.1_2w.

E-Coil: Weight: 0.41 kg (0.9 lb); Perfect wound, fully encapsulated with rugged external metal shell; Rated up to IP69K with integral connectors.
See page 3.400.1_10-size.



HSP10-21 Ordering 10-size E-Coil