Hydraulic Designers

Design and Applications Capabilities

• Application team with extensive experience on
• On field prototype development
• Manifold Design locally
• Pro-E Stations
• HydraForce i-Design
• Automation Studios (HF colaboration)
• Ansys FEA (HF colaboration)

Manufacturing Capabilities

• Aluminum and Durabar supplied locally
• 14 CMC Machines–Verticals, Horizontals
   and 5 axis
• Manifold Quality Inspections
• Large variation of tools and cavities

From extruded bars to High-precision quality manifolds
Two CMM’s for complete inspection

In process inspections to ensure quality

Preseter Machine to measure tools

Manifold Assembly Line & Testing

Three Assembly Lines alligned with HF worldwide facilities. Inspections, Procedures and Control Plans

• From simple and small to large and
  complex Manifolds
• Special solutions for customer demands
• Calibrated Torque Wrenchs ensure quality
  and performance
• 100% Functional Hydraulic Test

Laboratory & Contamination Control

Dedicated Laboratory to analyze cleanliness (Washdown Lab)

• Fully Capable of washdown for any Manifold

• Measure Weight and Max Particle Size