Fleet Management IOT System for Off-Road Vehicles and Equipment

In the past, software updates and support for a fleet vehicle or machine would require a service technician or engineer to make a dedicated trip into the field. This inevitably led to costly delays and unacceptable downtime. However, all that has changed through the Internet of Things (IoT) and a customized fleet management system.


You can pair a new ERAU-6200 remote monitoring and access unit with HydraForce electronic control units (ECUs) using Epec’s GatE and GlobE cloud-based service. Through HydraForce’s partnership with Epec Oy of Seinajoki, Finland, we can now offer customizable IoT and telematics products for mobile hydraulic equipment applications. 


Utilizing HydraForce’s secure device, we will offer you the ability to effortlessly implement a software fleet management system that can help decrease downtime and improve profitability. This is accomplished by easily enabling a direct interface with your equipment in real-time—anywhere in the world.


We designed our fleet management system for a wide variety of off-road equipment and vehicles, such as:

  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Mining  
  • Material handling
  • Forestry
  • Municipal
  • Turf Care
  • Paving

Remote monitoring and access with the ERAU-6200

ERAU-6200 Remote Access Unit

Designed especially for use on mobile machines in rugged environments, the EPEC-6200 is an edge-programmable communication gateway that processes data between a machine’s control network and your IoT services, such as GatE and GlobE. 


It is fully compatible with the HydraForce line of electronic control units and any other ECU manufacturers. This flexible device is also programmable with the open-source software platform CoDeSys and integrates with a WebVisu license for display-style access using mobile devices with HTML 5 browsers.

Programming with Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

Electronic Control Units ECUs

Electronic Control Units (ECUs) HydraForce ECU Electronic Control Units are at the heart of machine control solutions for mobile equipment. If you are looking for a simple control solution, the ECU-0809 has a single CAN interface. 

Larger I/O machine controls that require two CAN ports can be programmed with the ECU-0809A, ECU-0814A, ECU-2415A, ECU-2434A, or ECU-2820A. Four CAN ports are available on the ECU-3232A. For complete specifications on HydraForce ECUs, visit the Product Section of this website.

GatE Remote Access Service

GatE enables a secure VPN-like connection from a remote user’s PC to a machine. It provides an encrypted gateway that allows the following remote access features: 

  • Update control system software or upload log files.
  • Exchange files with an FTP server. 
  • Troubleshoot complex application problems remotely.
  • Remote CoDeSys online debugging to any ECU in sub-networks.
  • Access visual real-time diagnostics and maintenance data.
  • Create a local service portal with CoDeSys WebVisu and use it remotely from anywhere.
  • Give technical support to a local operator.
  • Remote desktop view with VNC.


Remote access to a machine’s control system can help to reduce troubleshooting time and reduce or eliminate the need for on-site visits by field service technicians.

GatE Security

The GatE cloud-based service offers a secure, encrypted gateway and comes with many security features, such as:


FIREWALL FRIENDLY - The GatE solution is Firewall friendly. Only outbound connection is required for the SiteManager. (either port 80 or 443 or 11444).


AES 256bit - AES 256bit encrypted tunnel based on TLS


3rd PARTY CERTIFICATION - Cyber security due diligence: The entire GatE solution is security audited by 3rd party company (ProtectEm) Audit based on NIST SP800, ISECOM OSSTMM, BSI, ISA99 and IEC62443.


TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION - Password combined with personal security certificates, and optionally extended with SMS code validation.


USER MANAGEMENT - Full control of who can access the SiteManager gateway – even access time frames can be specified at your preference.


DEVICE MANAGEMENT - Control who gets access to your devices: Full control of which device can be accessed by whom, all the way down to IP address or port level.


AUDIT & REPORTING - All access activity is logged for auditing and to provide full transparency of user activity.


NOTIFICATIONS - Get notified upon login and/or events


NETWORK CONNECTIVITY - Ethernet/WIFI or 3G/4G for total network separation.


PHYSICAL CONTROL - IO ports to physically control remote access.

GlobE Cloud Service

GlobE lobo

The GlobE IoT platform provides an easy way to monitor, log and store machine control data, adjust machine settings, and update the control system on your machine. It is a proactive way to monitor, report, predict, prevent, and optimize machine hydraulic control systems.



  • Make productivity, problems, usage, and operating conditions visible.
  • Continuously log KPIs, analyze, visualize, and report them.
  • Optimize the use of resources and maximize productivity.
  • Track your fleet location and activity. Prevent process bottlenecks and minimize downtime. 
  • Improve your future products with data.
  • Utilize the ”big data” to detect possible weak links in your machines.

Globe Security

Globe cloud-based remote management has many security features, such as:


USER MANAGEMENT - Control of who can create or edit enterprises, including dashboard templates, files, users, and profiles.


DEVICE MANAGEMENT - Control who gets access to what devices for viewing only or managing/writing capabilities.


DATA STORAGE - Per Data Center Risk Index 2016 study, Finland is the safest data center country in Europe and the fourth safest in the world.


What is an IoT Fleet Management System?

A fleet management system uses modern technology called the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows remote access anywhere in the world from any internet-connected device. This will provide your business with a wealth of fleet management tools that will enable you to make more informed decisions.

The Benefits of an IoT Fleet Management System

Fleet management systems are entirely customizable to the specific needs of your business. There are many different benefits you’ll appreciate, such as:


Reduced Fuel Costs—You can track fuel usage, idle time, and set notification alerts that will help keep idling to a minimum. Intelligent fuel management can help save money and reduce fuel costs.


Efficient Fleet Maintenance—Fleet data provided by a management system will enable you to improve efficiency, day to day operations, and help prevent costly downtime. It will also help reduce vehicle maintenance costs and improve your overall fleet operations.


Prevent Theft—GPS fleet tracking will allow you to track the driver and vehicle location and set up alerts to notify you when one has moved off a job site.


Increased Profitability—A fleet management system generates a wealth of actionable insights and data. This will allow you to plan intelligently, budget, forecast, and utilize your entire fleet in the most cost-effective way possible.


Monitor and Manage Driver Safety—Data and logs will allow you to reconstruct accidents, provide important trip information, monitor driving behavior, and view RPM and accelerometer graphs. This will enable you to improve driver behavior management and enhance your safety measures. 


Improved Uptime—Through the data provided by a fleet management system, you’ll be able to monitor the health of your equipment, vehicles, engine parameters, and fault codes. You’ll be able to proactively perform maintenance or make repairs more efficiently.


Improve Accuracy of Job Estimates—Make laser-accurate predictions on the costs of future projects through the analysis of machine hours, fuel consumption, associated labor costs, fleet performance, and other parameters.


Customized Solutions—From railcars to farm equipment and everything in between, you can add a customized IoT fleet management solution that will help solve the toughest of challenges for fleets of all sizes.


You’ll be able to vastly improve your bottom line through actionable insights provided by our fleet management software.  


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Which IoT Fleet Management System is Right for You?

Fleet management systems for off-road equipment and vehicles will provide your business with increased efficiency, help solve technical challenges, and improve your bottom line. If your business benefits from any of the following possibilities, an IoT system will provide an effective solution to improve your fleet management system for the better.





How IoT Can Revolutionize Your Fleet Management

Mobile hydraulic equipment is part of the Internet of Things, thanks to the development of IoT solutions that effectively connect your machine to the cloud (IoT) and each other (M2M).

It is now possible to monitor remote operation, machine performance telemetry, and analysis – all in real-time. Click below to learn more about our product and software offerings.


Hopper Popper Case Study

Here's what our customers have to say:

“HydraForce has provided an outstanding solution for troubleshooting, telematics and minimizing service calls”

Find out how using HydraForce’s ERAU-6200 has enabled Pneumat Solutions to provide easier and quicker solutions for software updates and customer support worldwide.


Taking your business to the next level with IoT:

Reductions in cost and time
Reduce service costs and travel time through remote servicing

Easy to operate
Using an easy to use drag and drop interface

Improve uptime
By reducing service and warranty claims

Rapid software deployment
Deploy software changes quickly and easily customize software to meet your requirements

Connect to your network
Monitor and interact with equipment from any device.

Modify remotely
Change operating modes remotely by selecting your choice of skill levels, ranging from Novice to Expert mode

Monitor performance
Generate service reports and monitor fleet KPIs throughout the world