Street Sweepers

Raising Your Expectations for Municipal Equipment Control Solutions

They’re a common sight on urban and residential streets and are widely used in all kinds of parks. They’re also packed with hydraulic systems. Street sweepers use hydraulic power for their energy density and efficiency, and also because it’s quiet and reliable.


HydraForce valves are ideal for use in street sweeper controls because they provide the durability, speed, and precision that ensures ease of operation and low maintenance costs.


Street sweepers use variable and fixed-speed hydraulic motors to power brushes and blowers and linear actuators for hoppers, height control, and other functions. Some versions even use hydraulic traction motors as an emission-free alternative to internal combustion.


The pumps and other system components need pressure relief valves for safe and efficient operation. Solenoid valves control travel direction and provide load holding as needed. Check valves guard against flow reversals and loss of pressure. Torque dividing valves prevent uneven wear on motors connected in series.


HydraForce manufactures an extensive range of valves ideal for use in street sweeper controls. Important features include:


  • Screw-in, cartridge-style designs enable quick installation and replacement if needed
  • Hardened components minimize wear and so contribute to long life and reliability
  • Precision machining results in exceptionally low leakage rates
  • Available in both direct-acting and pilot-operated designs
  • Engineered for fast response with low hysteresis and to handle high pressures

Associated Applications

Floor Sweepers

Floor Sweepers

Floor sweepers are used in commercial buildings, sports facilities, and more, and hydraulic power units, motors, and actuators give quiet trouble-free operation. HydraForce valves ensure safety, motor synchronization, reliability, and precision. Request Engineering Assistance

Refuse/Recycling Trucks

Refuse/Recycling Trucks

Powerful hydraulic cylinders used for sideloading, tailgate, and ejection mechanisms need fast-acting control valves that can handle high pressures and flow rates. HydraForce cartridge-style valves pair with pumps and accumulators to deliver the performance and control required. Learn More

Video: HydraForce IoT Solutions

IOT Fleet Management for Street Sweepers

Implemented on street sweepers, HydraForce Internet of Things (IOT) technology improves reliability and availability and can even extend its lifetime. This is achieved by capturing and reporting operating data such as broom and brush speed control, downforce (scrubbing) control, fan drive, and engine information, as well as through enhanced control and improved asset utilization.

Municipalities make substantial investments in machinery. IOT fleet management technology from HydraForce raises ROI by improving availability and reducing maintenance costs.

IOT Fleet Management Solutions

  • Monitoring and logging of key operating characteristics (cycles, hours, temperatures, pressures, vibration, etc.)
  • Reporting of key performance indicators
  • Remote adjustment of on-board settings (maximum permitted speeds, loads, etc.)
  • Updating of onboard software
  • Geo-location
  • Reducing the risk of breakdown and preventing unnecessary maintenance