Students create an IOT project for HF Ltda!

Students from Mauá University, in São Paulo, Brazil participated in a Hackathon where they were challenged to create a project to gather information from the hydraulic circuit of the machine, in the field, using IoT (Internet of Things).

Forty six students accepted the mission and they were evaluated at several items such as understanding the hydraulic circuit and its functions, creativity, innovation, scalability, and​ value to the industry.

Two groups excelled in their project, they used several sensors to measure oil cleanliness, temperature, pressure, flow, vibration data that was gathered and processed into a data base. They also created a trouble shooting system to monitor manifold and valve performance that showed warnings in a web site and a app.

Their idea is to apply the concept of “adding a service into a product”, so HydraForce warranty, OEM and even the Dealer can better manage and even prevent trouble shooting using statistics and machine learning. 

The winners won a trip to Chicago where they can visit our plants and get to know a little bit of the HydraForce family.

“It’s a great way to refresh our ideas, incentivize students to get in the mobile hydraulic

world and to get in touch with this new generation of students that will drive the market in the near future” said  Aldo Bisson, our Business Development Director from HydraForce Brazil.