Custom manifolds

Let Us Show You The Fastest Way from A to B

At HydraForce we believe that better performance comes from working together, and our engineers will work with you to design your hydraulic control system. We understand that optimizing the performance of your machine starts with creative hydraulic integrated circuits, and when you work with HydraForce, you can select from the broadest product range in the industry.


Our design staff will collaborate with you and verify your design prior to manufacturing a prototype. Then we’ll make any necessary refinements and engineer your product to meet your exact specifications. With proprietary innovations like our i-Design manifold tool, designing your hydraulic control schematic is easier than ever. The result is a performance- and configuration-optimized hydraulic solution that is designed exclusively for you.


World Class Manufacturing

Each HydraForce manufacturing location employs the same processes for assembly and testing of hydraulic manifolds. We inspect and clean all manifold blocks before starting the installation of cartridge valves, plugs, and fittings. Each manifold is plumbed for hydraulic function tests before packing for shipment.

The Latest Design and Simulation Tools

Our engineering team uses the latest software and simulation tools to optimize hydraulic manifold designs - computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, ANSYS, Design of Experiments, Automation Studio to name a few. We will invest in the same technology our customers are using to enable a seamless design process as a valued supplier.

Free Hydraulic Circuit Design

Our i-Design software makes it easy to create a hydraulic circuit and schematic, using a built-in library of ISO graphic symbols. Our engineering team and distributors use it to optimize manifolds and it is also available at no cost to anyone who wants to design a hydraulic circuit. i-Design schematic files can be imported into Automation Studio simulation software to check the function of the circuit. Once satisfied, you can bring the file back into i-Design to generate a bill of materials for the valves used in your manifold.

World Class Cleanliness

We strive to meet or exceed ISO recommended guidelines for hydraulic cleanliness at each HydraForce location. According to this standard, a code number is assigned to particle count values derived at three different micron levels: greater than 4 microns, greater than 6 microns and greater than 14 microns. Parts washing equipment is carefully maintained and assembly tables are kept neat and tidy to reduce the possibility of particle contamination at each step of our process.

Error-Proof Assembly

Our manifold lines use state-of-the-art tools for error-proofing our assembly process. The Light-Guide system uses LED lights to highlight cavities in the order of assembly and provide the operator with the recommended torque value. The operator must confirm before the manifold can proceed with assembly.