Configuration and Programming Software

HF-Impulse is a purpose-built configuration and programming tool for HydraForce ExDR valve drivers and ECU products. It is available for free download from our electroniccs portal at www.hydraforce.com/electronics. With HF-Impulse you have control over all communication, configuration, and tuning parameters of HydraForce valve drivers. You can even flash the on board ROM to change or update the operating personality (EVDR/EFDR/EGDR etc.) You can build service tools, perform real-time input/output monitoring for tuning and troubleshooting activities, and build fully functional custom applications for deployment to ECDR configurable valve drivers.


With HF-Impulse 2.0, now there are more ways to program!

  • Graphical
  • Structured Text
  • C++

You pick the method that is most comfortable and familiar to you. All are compiled and packaged for upload to the device.


Based on Function Block Diagram/FBD programming, all the needed features are provided in modular function blocks:


  • Hardware inputs/outputs/feedback/LEDs
  • Mathematical/Boolean/logic operations
  • Utility functions like ramp/scale/sequence/PID
  • Macro/structured text/C++ blocks
  • Memory variables/retains/constants
  • Communications


Function blocks contain inputs and outputs that are connected to each other to form the program logic. The diagram is evaluated/executed from right to left starting with the outputs working back to the inputs. This happens in a cyclical fashion many times each second.

Structured Text

Simple and easy to learn programming environment. Good for programmers familiar with industrial PLCs.

  • Sequential execution with repeat structures/functions/logic
  • Memory/variable/retain elements
  • Code completion
  • More complex logic is possible than with function block diagrams

C++ Programming

Comfortable environment for experienced programmers. Take advantage of libraries to extend the portability and reusability of your code.

  • Object-oriented environment
  • Build modular code with functions and subroutines
  • Arrays and pointers
  • Code completion
  • Most complex logic is possible
HF-Impulse™ programming and configuration software

Other new and enhanced features of HF-Impulse 2.0

  • Improved user help
  • Create service tools for field technicians
  • Live diagram lets you watch the program execute in real time for debugging and troubleshooting
  • Real-time monitoring lets you graph and capture inputs/outputs/feedbacks or any operating values/variables in the program
  • Retains that are held in memory through power cycle
  • Track 25 standard hardware/software faults
  • Build proprietary faults to notify the network of any custom program conditions or issues