Feeding the world today takes more than a green thumb, it takes technology – smart and efficient equipment that helps farmers squeeze every dollar out of a crop. The value agricultural OEMs provide lets farmers maximize resources, reclaim their time, and get more done, sun to sun.

Fluid power is the workhorse of modern agricultural machinery, and compact efficient cartridge valves from HydraForce allow designers the most flexibility in crafting systems that deliver precise metered power to implements, drive systems, and actuators. Reliable and serviceable cartridge valve technology makes complex distributed on-board control systems possible for agricultural equipment, achieving precision that would not otherwise be possible relying on your machine’s hydraulics.

At HydraForce our talented sales and application engineering staff can provide the expertise and creativity to accelerate your time to market and build solutions that let your products stand out in the crowded marketplace.


IOT Fleet Management for Agriculture

HydraForce Internet of Things (IOT) fleet management technology improves farmers’ ability to schedule maintenance and helps avoid breakdowns. It can also perform diagnostics, track usage, log location, adjust settings, and update software on the machinery. It’s a direct connection to the central or home office that helps improve asset reliability and utilization.

HydraForce understands the demands agriculture places on farm machinery. Our IOT fleet management technology helps prevent breakdowns at inopportune times, improves reliability, and even extends equipment life.

IOT Fleet Management Solutions  

  • Sensors track temperature, vibration, loads, hours worked, and more.
  • An on-board remote access unit uploads data to the cloud for analysis.
  • Trends are reviewed and early signs of impending problems detected.
  • With the information generated, the farmer can order replacement parts and plan and carry out the work at a convenient time.


Skid Steer Control Meets HydraForce Innovation

"There's no other machine like it!" Neil Messick of Messick Equipment said as he took a test drive on a skid steer outfitted with electrohydraulic technology developed by HydraForce and Roquet. This video shows Messick demonstrating the many unique hydraulic functions of this machine, including "return to dig," bucket shake, soft ride, float, self-leveling, telematics and a beginner mode. These functions are made possible with HydraForce electroproportional cartridge valves, including the EVPR and EHPR electroproportional cartridge valves, ECU electronic controller and ERAU remote access unit for elegant and even remote control. Roquet provided the monoblock cylinder controls, which are servomechanically controlled by the HydraForce EVPR valves. The skid steer is actually a prototype Gehl R190 that has been used in testing for several years. Gehl developed the prototype electronic joystick that uses the HydraForce electronics.

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Typical Applications


Gravity lowering | Main control | Variable speed fan drives | Steering and brake controls | Powertrain | Load moment limitation



Implement | Auxiliary | Pilot controls



Positioning controls | Regenerative controls

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Trailed Equipment

Balers wrappers | Tow behind sprayers | Loader wagons | Planters/seeders | Tow behind harvesting


Self Propelled Sprayers

Boom Suspension and Controls | Media Pump Controls | Priority Steering


Specialty Harvesters

Cotton Harvesters | Balers | Sugarcane Harvesters | Olive, Grape and Nut Harvesters | Variable Speed Fan Drives | Electronic Controls



Main and Header Controls | Suspension Systems | Powertrain and Transmission | Variable Speed Fan Drives | Electronic Controls

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Combine Harvesters

Main and Header Controls | Suspension Systems | Powertrain and Transmission | Variable Speed Fan Drives | Electronic Controls


Skid Steer Loaders

Powertrain | Variable Speed Fan Drives | Boom Suspension | Main Controls | Auxiliary Functions | Electronic Controls

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