Skid Steer Control Meets HydraForce Innovation

HydraForce has partnered with Roquet Hydraulics SL of Spain to produce a Common Servo Control, which has received fantastic reviews from Messick Equipment.


This new system was recently installed in a prototype Gehl R190 skid steer loader and taken to a farm in Wisconsin USA, where Neil Messick, who hosts the popular Messick Equipment YouTube channel, gave it a test ride and demo. Describing the HydraForce control system as “the hydraulic heart of the machine,” Neil’s review of the skid steer was recorded and posted on his channel, which has more than 90,000 followers who are primarily dealers and users of ag equipment.


Discover how HydraForce valves and electronic controls improve self-levelling and bucket control, provide a “beginners mode” to accelerate the operator’s training process, and offer greater convenience with the ability to pre-program commonly used basic functions. 


These optimized skid steer functions are all made possible using a combination of the latest HydraForce electrohydraulic technologies, alongside the Roquet monoblock cylinder control:



 “We think we can make a better world by providing better controls for machines so operators can enjoy their job more, do a better job and have more productivity. The only way we can sometimes demonstrate that is by taking a piece of equipment, and modifying and upgrading it with our products, or partner with other companies, like Roquet, in order to do that.” Russ Schneidewind.


HydraForce’s new electrohydraulic control systems can be developed for many other mobile hydraulic machines, including different types of loaders, lifts, and excavators. Watch the video now and find out more.