The new CMM machine at HydraForce Ltda. in São Paulo, Brazil

Our manifold assembly facility in Brazil now has the same Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) as our facilities in the USA, Great Britain and China. The new CMM will be used to measure the manifold blocks and cavities before valves are installed. It will add a new level of precision and consistency for our Brazilian operation. Programming data for the machine can be shared across all HydraForce locations, which will help speed the throughput for all facilities building the same manifold. The CMM machine can be equipped with a hoist to help handle heavier manifolds, some of which can weigh more than 100 lbs.

We are also working closely with our block suppliers in North America to help them set up CMM machines and follow the same processes and procedures as HydraForce facilities, including programming training. Through the use of CMM technology, our supply chain has made significant strides to improve the quality of the blocks we receive.