Innercept® Digital Proportional Control

HydraForce’s new Innercept® Digital Proportional Control (US and international patents pending) is a highly compact, proportional control valve with integrated LVDT (liner variable differential transformer) that delivers exceptional linearity and repeatability.

Introducing HydraForce’s Innercept® Digital Proportional Control

The Innercept® digital proportional control with LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) is a new product designed by HydraForce, that offers plug-and-play simplicity, with servovalve accuracy. Due to growing demand in the market for high-precision control, quick response time, and improved efficiency, Innercept® provides the quickest speed to market, and flexibility for implementing high-accuracy digital proportional operation for today’s mobile machinery. Specifically created for off-highway precision applications, including autonomous machines, Innercept® digital proportional control achieves better performance in the field, near-perfect repeatability, and enhanced accuracy. It delivers an economical solution that is easily adapted for variety of applications.

Innercept® Digital Proportional Control Video

About the new Innercept® Digital Proportional Control

HydraForce’s new Digital Proportional Control (patent pending) is a highly compact, proportional control valve with integrated LVDT (liner variable differential transformer) that delivers exceptional linearity and repeatability.


This uniquely designed LVDT has been adapted for application with cartridge valve technology, and when attached to a solenoid-operated proportional valve, forms a flow control which can be combined with a wide range of additional cartridge valves to form a customized hydraulic circuit: resulting in more stable autonomous functions.


The Innercept® digital proportional control is constructed using four essential components, including the proportional valve.


  • Proportional Flow Control Valve: (such as HydraForce’s SP10-P57FL) provides precise directional control to a cylinder or motor,along with an isolated load-sense signal to control a pump. HydraForce will be expanding the valve offering for Innercept in the future.
  • Integrated LVDT Position Sensor: non-contact LVDT sensor and driver circuit is rated to IP69K, and provides a 0 to 5 V signal variable to spool position that is accurate within 0.1 mm (0.004 inches). This also forms the feedback leg of the ESDR closed-loop control.
  • HydraForce’s new ESDR-0201A: a Two Output Closed-Loop PID control, to form a plug-and-play closed loop directional flow control: full-featured PID control with tuning parameters optimized out-of-the-box, or you can create custom tuning for your appliction. The control cycles every 5 ms to read and correct the valve’s position 200 times per second. The SAE J1939 compliant ESDR receives its set-point via CAN message and has full DM1 diagnostic messaging support.
  • Electromagnetic Actuator: two-coil proportional actuator available in 12 and 24 V variants with integrated Deutsche connectors rated to IP69K.

Responsive, Repeatable, Accurate: The Benefits of the Innercept® Digital Proportional Control

HydraForce Digital Proportional Control reduces hysteresis, eliminates variation and degradation of performance, increases accuracy and productivity. Upgrade your system with the following benefits and performance improvements:


  • Valve to valve repeatability
  • Precisely control speed and force
  • Less than 1% hysteresis
  • Plug-and-Play CAN bus technology
  • Superb linearity
  • Overcome internal hydrodynamic forces
  • Precise PID control
  • Absolute accuracy
  • Environmentally robust IP69K rating

Created with Your Machine in Mind

Innercept® digital proportional control is perfect for applications where precision and response are key and it is suited for a range of machine functions.

Automatic Steering:

Autosteering applications on agricultural tractors and earthmoving/grading equipment


Specialized harvesting equipment, and Variable Rate Applications including Sprayers and Spreaders where Precision application of agricultural chemicals is key.

Construction/Road Building:

Precision Trenching, Paving, Motor Graders, and Road Milling machines.

Industrial Applications & Municipal:

Railroad maintenance equipment. Semi and fully autonomous municipal vehicles like sweepers, salt spreaders, and refuse trucks.

Material Handling:

Lift/Lower controls on vehicles.

High-accuracy linear operations:

Machine mounted cranes; Combine Harvesters; Forestry and aerial work platform applications. In addition to Operator assistance/control-by-wire applications.

Potential Markets & Equipment for Innercept® Digital Proportional Control


LVDTs allow for variable rate applications for sprayers and spreaders as well as specialty harvesting, such as berries.



Street sweepers, snow trucks, and refuse/recycling trucks can all benefit from an LVDT.



Pavers, motor graders, and other construction equipment will benefit from durable and high-quality LVDTs from Hydraforce.



Large and small paving fleets can benefit from an LVDT that provides precise, powerful, and robust hydraulic controls for all types of applications.


Turf Care

Flail mowers, movers, and utility turf care trucks rely on hydraulics for lifting and lowering the mow blade. An LVDT will improve performance and increase serviceability.


Forestry Equipment

LVDTs will simplify serviceability and increase the productivity of mechanized timber harvesting equipment.