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Cavity Form Tools
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Note: HydraForce will no longer be supplying cavity form tools to our customers, starting on February 25, 2019. After that date, you will be able to obtain the tools directly from our supplier, Form Relief Tool Co. Inc. by filling out the form to the right.


Cavity Form Tools For Hydraulic Cartridge Valves

Form Tools for G3 Drop-In Cavities
G3 Valve Model Rougher Tool Finish Tool
SV98-G38 CT-G028-RO-H-G CT-G028-FO-T-G
SV90-G39 CT-G024-RO-H-G CT-G024-FO-T-G
SV90-G40R CT-G026-RO-H-G CT-G026-FO-T-G
EHPR98-G33 CT-G027-RO-H-G CT-G027-FO-T-G
EHPR98-G35 CT-G027-RO-H-G CT-G027-FO-T-G
EHPR98-G38 CT-G028-RO-H-G CT-G028-FO-T-G
TS98-G34 CT-G025-RO-H-G CT-G025-FO-T-G
Form Tools for 3 Drop-In Cavities
Drop-In-Valve Model Rougher Tool Finish Tool
SV98-T39 CT-T001-RO-H-G CT-T001-FO-T-G
SV98-T40 CT-T004-RO-H-G CT-T004-FO-T-G
TS98-T34 CT-T003-RO-H-G CT-T003-FO-T-G
EHPR98-T33 CT-T090-RO-H-G CT-T009-FO-T-G
EHPR98-T35 CT-T009-RO-H-G CT-T009-FO-T-G
EHPR98-T38 CT-T011-RO-H-G CT-T011-FO-T-G
TS98-G34 CT-G025-RO-H-G CT-G025-FO-H-G

Cavity Form Tools For Hydraulic Cartridge Valves

Tool Shank Diameter
Cavity Rougher Finisher
08 0.625" 0.750"
10 0.750" 0.750"
12 0.875" 0.750"
16 1.000" 0.750"
20 1.000" 1.000"
42 1.000" 1.000"
32 1.500" 1.500"
T001, T003, T004 0.750" 0.750"
T009, T011 0.625" 0.625"
G024, G025, G026 0.750" 0.750"
G027 0.625" 0.750"
G028 0.625" 0.750"


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Cavity Form Tools For Hydraulic Cartridge Valves