HydraForce has been providing expertise on equipment for the paving industry since 1985. Roadbuilding is a never-ending enterprise. This demanding, unending cycle requires new, smarter, and more efficient roadbuilding machinery to keep pace. Fleets large and small need reliable equipment with robust, powerful, and precise hydraulic controls for all types of functions. HydraForce understands this need and is ready to provide you with the POWER to PAVE.


IOT Fleet Management for Paving

HydraForce Internet of Things (IOT) fleet management technology improves workers’ ability to schedule maintenance and helps avoid breakdowns on road construction equipment. It can also perform diagnostics, track usage, log location, adjust settings, and update software on the machinery. It’s a direct connection to the central or home office that helps improve asset reliability and utilization.

HydraForce understands the demands that paving and roadbuilding have on equipment. Our IOT fleet management technology helps prevent breakdowns at inopportune times, improves reliability, and even extends equipment life.

IOT Fleet Management Solutions  

  • Monitoring and logging of key operating characteristics (cycles, hours, temperatures, pressures, vibration, etc.)
  • Reporting of key performance indicators
  • Remote adjustment of on-board settings (maximum permitted speeds, loads, etc.)
  • Updating of onboard software
  • Geo-location
  • Reducing the risk of breakdown and preventing unnecessary maintenance


Students and Graduates

2024 Summer Internships

If you are a college student (who will have completed at least your freshman year of college) and are interested in a career in Engineering, Manufacturing, Electronics, Purchasing or Sales/Marketing, we invite you to apply for a paid summer internship with HydraForce.

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2024 Graduate Programs

Two-year fast track rotational programs for leadership positions are available in Manufacturing, Engineering and Supply Chain for Summer 2024.

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Whether you are an apprentice, undergraduate or placement student, you will be working on real-life projects and tasks that make a difference to the business. taking part in meetings, production tasks or strategic projects, to name but a few!

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