HydraForce China's Mentor Programme

HydraForce China launches their Mentor Programme this year, to support employee development.

In the Mentor/Mentee training program 2020, Liang Xu (Mentor) guides two Mentees, Jianfen Han and Xiuli Yang.

Liang joined HydraForce China in 2013 and is currently the Manifold Assembly Leader but he is proficient in testing both manifolds and valves. Since Changzhou introduced valve assembly in 2019, Liang has mastered the test methods for check and relief valves. Jianfen Han and Xiuli Yang joined Hydraforce in July and October 2019. They feel their mentor, Liang, has been patient and enthusiastic during their training and provides them with much useful technical support.

Through the Mentor/Mentee training program, these assemblers will have multiple skills and the flexibility to adapt to valve or manifold manufacturing.