HydraForce Cleanliness Standard


Clean hydraulic fluid is essential for the efficient operation of not only HydraForce valves, but every hydraulic component in a system. Particles of dirt, sand, rock, rust, metal or other contaminants can clog the openings of hoses, tubes, pumps, motors, cylinders and valves. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has established cleanliness guidelines for hydraulic manufacturers that limit the size of particles allowed in hydraulic fluids. HydraForce has its own internal guideline limiting the particle size to 500 microns. Recently several of our customers required stricter particle size limits of 300 microns.


To meet this requirement, HydraForce implemented tighter cleanliness practices at all of its manufacturing facilities. Manifold blocks have always been washed down before valves are installed. Additional daily washdowns of valve assembly tables, the wearing of protective aprons and gloves, and the use of filters on all ventilation fans in our assembly areas has helped us achieve this goal.


Our assembly facility in Changzhou, China, has the distinction of being the first HydraForce operation to meet the new, 300-micron particle size cleanliness standard.