Raising Your Expectations for Agricultural Equipment Control Solutions

HydraForce technology is increasing productivity of harvesting machines around the world. Precise and responsive control of cutting, chopping, shaking, sorting, rotating, spreading, conveying, brushing, raising and lowering is made possible with our comprehensive line of cartridge valves, custom manifolds, and high performance electronic controls.

Our electrohydraulic control solutions can help you deliver the highest yields of quality crop from any field, vineyard, or orchard.

Innovative, custom-tailored control solutions provide a competitive advantage for agricultural equipment in the harvesting sector. Here are some of the many ways HydraForce controls can enhance your hydraulic equipment.


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Application Details

Cotton Harvester Solutions

HydraForce has extensive experience developing main control manifolds for cotton harvesters including picking, conveying, baling, wrapping functions and proportional fan control that conserves energy when cleaning a light cotton crop and increases fan speed when handling a heavy cotton crop.

• Proportional controls can conserve flow or pressure
• Adapt to dynamic load conditions saves fuel
• Reducing / relieving, bidirectional, pressure-compensated, and load-sensing solutions



Heavy bales of hay have a heavy reliance on hydraulics for compacting, wrapping and cutting. Proportional hydraulic control of the mechanisms for binding and wrapping bales is accomplished effectively with cartridge valves.

• Accurate proportional pressure control can ensure the
  correct bale density
• Electrohydraulic solutions can provide fine control of
  hydraulically operated bale handling


Sugarcane Harvester Solutions

Cleaner cane means higher quality and less equipment damage from debris, so extracting fans are used to blow away trash before the trimmed cane is collected. All of these functions - cutting, chopping, lifting, cooling, propulsion and suspension – must be done with high performance, high torque, high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Sugar cane harvesting thrives on efficiency, since its intense operations require many high flow hydraulic circuits with logic elements. Proportional control cartridge valves provide an excellent way to achieve that efficiency. Large capacity flow controls in combination with numerous logic elements are especially useful for the sugarcane harvesting market, and HydraForce has the range of products to handle the most demanding requirements.

Electro-hydraulic control of:

— Elevator/feeder
— Roller/chopper
— Base cutter


Olive, Grape and Nut Harvesters

Smooth proportional control of:

— Clamping
— Shaking
— Opening

Shaker Control

Hydraulic cartridge valves provide stable, efficient control of the shaker and cleaning fans of grape harvesting machines.

• Accurate and stable control
• Compensate for load demand on the motor



Example shaker and clamp circuit provides stable and reliable speed and pressure control of the shaker motor and clamp function. Compensates for the “end of row” or bare patches that can change the load demand on the motor.

Fan Control

Our range of low leakage solenoid and proportional valves can be applied for on/off control and variable speed control during the harvesting process.

• Fail safe high or low
• Preconfigured controls available
• Reduce horsepower consumption by up to 30%


HydraForce is pleased to offer a full line of electronic vehicle control products integrating engine, transmission and other machine functions into a common J1939 or CAN Open Data Link control circuit.

These systems consist of rugged, field-proven components suitable for heavy-duty operating conditions. PWM digital signal logic maximizes efficiency, response and signal integrity under harsh environmental conditions. Reliability has been proven through extensive testing, as well as years of real-world application experience.

This is a complete line of the most rugged, heavy duty vehicle machine controllers, monitors, displays and electrical connectors for motion control and integrated machine control applications in mobile, off-highway and material handling equipment.

  • Reliable operation in the most demanding mobile equipment applications
  • Operating temperatures from -40 to 85°C
  • Chemical splash immunity
  • Moisture resistance to IP67 specifications
  • Fully resistant to EMI/RFI
  • Vibration resistant to 8 Grms (random) 24–200 Hz, 3-axis

Associated Applications

Combine Harvesters

Combine Harvesters

Main and Header Controls | Suspension Systems | Powertrain and Transmission | Variable Speed Fan Drives | Electronic Controls Learn More


Main and Header Controls | Suspension Systems | Powertrain and Transmission | Variable Speed Fan Drives | Electronic Controls Request Engineering Assistance
Planters / Seeders

Planters / Seeders

Loading/unloading | Distribution fan | Vacuum pump | Fold/unfold | Downforce control | Depth control | Boom float | Steering Learn More

IOT Fleet Management for Specialty Harvesters

Implemented on specialty harvesters, HydraForce Internet of Things (IOT) technology improves reliability and availability and can even extend its lifetime. This is achieved by capturing and reporting operating data, such as variable speed fan controls, electronic controls and others, as well as through enhanced control and improved asset utilization.

Many farms make substantial investments in agricultural machinery. IOT fleet management technology from HydraForce raises ROI by improving availability and reducing maintenance costs.

IOT Fleet Management Solutions  

  • Monitoring and logging of key operating characteristics (cycles, hours, temperatures, pressures, vibration, etc.)
  • Reporting of key performance indicators
  • Remote adjustment of on-board settings (maximum permitted speeds, loads, etc.)
  • Updating of onboard software
  • Geo-location
  • Reducing the risk of breakdown and preventing unnecessary maintenance