HYPERFORMANCE™ High Pressure Valves

NEW H-Series HYPERFORMANCE™ High Pressure Valves Up to 350 bar/5075 psi continuous operating pressure

HydraForce is pleased to announce the release of the new HYPERFORMANCE™, High Pressure valve product line. These valves are designed to offer the industry’s highest level of valve performance, enabling the most reliable application of cartridge technology in high duty cycle, high horsepower, and high pressure machine applications.



• 350 bar/5075 psi continuous operating pressure.
• 420 bar/6090 psi intermittent 10% duty cycle tested.
• Fatigue tested to 420 bar/6090 psi.
• Flows up to 530 lpm/140 gpm.
• 1000 hour salt spray tested.
• IP69K rated solenoid coils.
• Single-piece, high endurance seals. No backup rings.
• Vibration Tested (3-axis) to 20G RMS.

HyPerformance cartridge valves are in a category all their own

Our comprehensive HyPerformance line contains over 150 high pressure cartridge valves that have been tested to meet the rigorous NFPA T2.6.1 standard. The robust design increases reliability while cavity and seal features reduce contamination and ensure valve retention in demanding applications. Simply put, they offer the highest level of performance in the industry to power your application forward.



 H-Series HYPERFORMANCE™ Construction



  • High installation torque improves reliability under heavy duty cycle conditions.
  • Single-piece urethane seals eliminate back-up rings and improve ease-of-installation.
  • Modified cavity with bottom shoulder, enhances strength and prevents twisting or binding during installation, assuring accurate and consistent performance.