Rapid-Proto Manifold Program

HydraForce is now able to shorten lead times for prototype manifold orders! Lead times for initial prototypes has been reduced from 10 to 8 weeks. Lead times for initial production orders has been reduced from 16 to 12-weeks.

Program Requirements

  • This prototype manifold program allows customers to select valves from the standard valve catalog for use in custom manufactured manifold assemblies. All Prototype Manifolds will be assigned an .X01 part number, to designate their prototype status. Customers are required to place orders via the normal Purchase Order method, entering the .X01 Part Number and referencing “RapidProto-Manifold” in the PO to guarantee the order is expedited.
  • The 8-week lead time will be valid from when the final manifold design is approved, and there is a corresponding purchase order received by HydraForce. Standard HydraForce pricing and discount schedules will apply. 
  • Expedited manifolds will have a maximum order quantity of three (3) pieces, be made of ALUMINUM (material: 6061-T6) and will not house any customer supplied products or ancillary items (such as fittings, filters etc). The manifolds will also be limited to a maximum cartridge valve capacity of 15 pieces. These 15 valves can be different or identical, depending on the manifold design.
  • All prototype manifolds will be marked with the word “Prototype” to differentiate them from regular production items, will undergo testing (with the exception of cycle testing) and will not be anodized, in order to meet the expected lead time of under 8 weeks. 
  • To achieve the 8-week lead time, prototype manifolds must meet the outlined criteria. Any designs outside of this specification will be reviewed and assessed on a case by case basis, and customers will be advised of the new anticipated lead time. This includes manifolds featuring the following: an anodized finish, dura-bar material, or custom features.

Turning Prototypes into Production Orders

Once the prototype manifold has been received in the expedited lead time, HydraForce will advise customers to evaluate the product and place their order for serial production as soon as possible.

The first manifold production order that is placed from an original prototype order will be accommodated by HydraForce and produced for the customer within a 12-week lead time, if the production order occurs in 2023. The PO must state “Follow-up Production Order to RapidProto-Manifold” and have a maximum quantity of 25 pieces. Subsequent orders of the manifold will then adhere to HydraForce’s normal production lead time.

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