HydraForce Partners with Tan Delta Systems

HydraForce Partners with Tan Delta Systems to provide real-time data to improve machine performance in the field.

HydraForce, global manufacturer of hydraulic valves and manifolds, has partnered with Tan Delta Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of real-time oil quality monitoring sensors and systems, to provide valuable real-time data about machine performance and expand its capabilities within the telematics market.

The partnership between the two companies allows HydraForce to offer a state-of-the-art Oil Conditioning Sensor, that can be easily incorporated into the design of a manifold assembly using HydraForce cartridge valves, to ongoingly monitor oil conditions.

The Tan Delta Sensor works by providing a full spectrum holistic (FSHTM) oil quality analysis, which continuously monitors the ratio of two key measurements, capacitance and conductance, to provide a real-time measurement (permittivity). This sensor technology enables users to observe any changes within the oil composition, including signs of contamination or abnormalities in the oil chemistry, both of which can be instantaneously measured and reported.

This combination of electronic controller architecture with telematics, provides multiple benefits to users, including real-time data and ongoing alerts of oil conditions. The reported information will prevent excessive wear of hydraulic components and catastrophic failures that can occur when machines are in operation. This will lead to increased productivity, and reductions in machine downtimes and maintenance costs.

Through accurate monitoring of oil health, maintenance scheduling can also be optimized as equipment is serviced only when required, and operators can rest assured that any unexpected changes in the oil condition will be immediately reported and detected. This can also extend the operational life of equipment and overall machine health, as optimal oil conditions prevent unnecessary wear and damage.

HydraForce’s new technology is recommended for use in a variety of industries including Agriculture, Construction, Material Handling and Mining; where high value equipment requires a reliable oil condition monitoring system.

This news follows HydraForce’s recent partnership with Elevāt IoT. As part of the Elevāt IoT Subscription with HydraForce, operators use an application that can be paired with Tan Delta oil conditioning sensor. This application will visualize data and provide customized alerts to inform the operator or owner when hydraulic fluids require maintenance.

HydraForce’s collaboration with both Elevāt IoT and Tan Delta, will therefore provide an integrated telematics solution for the market.


About HydraForce

HydraForce is a wholly owned US business, which was first established in Chicago, USA in 1985. It remains a privately-owned company, with manufacturing facilities across the world, including Birmingham, North America, Brazil and a manifold assembly plant in Asia.

The company designs and manufactures high performance hydraulic fluid power cartridge valves, custom manifolds and electro-hydraulic controls. It has created thousands of custom control solutions for a variety of off-highway industries, encompassing farming, construction, marine, material handling, mining and forestry.