HydraForce COVID-19 Update - November 2020

At HydraForce we continue to take steps to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, whilst protecting the health and safety of our customers and employees. At the beginning of November, we released the following statement, with our COVID-19 update:


The HydraForce Global Business Continuity team continues to actively monitor and mitigate the impact of the pandemic and offer the following brief summary below for your information.


  • All our global factories are fully operational, and are following all governmental policies and guidelines. Safety procotols such as, work-from-home for all possible employees, staggered shifts for production, specialized cleaning processes, and of course, all personal protective equipment remain in place.


  • Our global supply chains are operational. We have reports from some suppliers that they are operating at a slightly reduced capacity.  At this time, we are not seeing an impact to production.  Transportation and freight costs remain at higher levels than pre-pandemic, and some global routes have extended lead times.


  • Additional mitigation activities include authorizing suppliers to work additional hours at premium rates, optimizing supply base build schedules by part number, authorizing premium freight from suppliers, developing alternative supply channels, accelerating approval of suppliers in development and redistributing our global inventory.


This unforeseeable ‘force majeure’ event may have impact to deliveries and costs which are outside the reasonable control of HydraForce. If you are a customer and have any immediate concerns, please contact your HydraForce Regional Sales Representative.