IoT Fleet Management System Checklist for Off-Road Vehicles and Equipment

Fleet management systems allow you to remotely maintain, diagnose, and service your fleet of off-road vehicles. The Internet of Things, or IoT, eliminates the need to send a costly technician out into the field and significantly reduces machine downtime. 

When it comes to choosing the right fleet management system, there are many things to consider. Security, compatibility, and customization are just a few of the many features that will add value to your operations. 

Read on to learn more about fleet management systems and download our IoT fleet management system checklist.

Remote Management Platform

The ease of use, features, and configuration options are important considerations when comparing fleet management systems. HydraForce offers the web browser-based GlobE Remote Management Platform. 

It provides you with an easy way to log, store machine data, monitor, update control system software, and adjust settings for your machine’s hydraulic systems. It proactively predicts, monitors, reports, optimizes, and prevents issues on your hydraulic control systems.

Secure, Encrypted Gateway (GatE) for Machine Data

The fleet industry is relatively slow to adopt new standards—this is why you should look for a product with dedicated and enhanced cybersecurity features that will protect the integrity of your machine data. 

Hackers specifically look for devices on the internet with little-to-no encryption and security.  Cellular communications, vehicle CAN bus, and the cloud server itself are just a few of the many entry points an attacker can target.

When comparing fleet management systems, beware of those that are vague about the exact levels of security they provide. If they had the latest and greatest in security features, they would be sure to mention it.

For example, the EPEC-6200 Remote Access Unit comes standard with GatE technology, a remote access software package for machine code troubleshooting. It provides a secure and encrypted gateway for your data and prevents the need for on-site visits by technicians. The GatE package allows multiple users to access the controller remotely, encouraging collaboration to install updates or find solutions.

Customization Potential of Hardware and Software

Fleet management systems require the ability to be customized, programmed, and tailored to your specific needs. They should also offer white labeling for portal dashboards to meet the requirements of large companies. HydraForce uses IEC-approved CODESYS software that offers a simple setup, secure access, and multiple customization options.  

Enhanced Connectivity

Some fleet management systems are limited to Wifi or 4G LTE only. This can often cause a problem in areas where off-road vehicles can’t pick up a reliable signal in areas that are limited to 2G/3G. Therefore, it’s important to select a solution that offers Ethernet/WIFI or 3G/4G for total network separation.

Number of CAN Bus Interfaces

The number of CAN bus interfaces and reliance upon the open CAN bus standard allows for backward compatibility.  

One Global Variant of Modem

Depending upon the market where your machine(s) were sold, you may run into an issue with your modem only supporting a specific frequency. The ERAU-6200 uses a CAT 4 modem that supports global frequency bands, thereby making it far more compatible with machines worldwide.

IoT Service Provider Compatibility

Many of the cheaper fleet management products don’t offer much in the way of programmability. This means you’ll have to use the same device and cloud solution from your supplier—essentially “locking” you into their gated products and services. As fast as technology advances, it may not be in your best interests to remain with a supplier who may or may not add new features to their products in the future.

The ERAU-6200 does not require you to use any specified provider—this affords you the freedom to pick and choose who you want to use as it can be used with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other IoT service providers. 


It’s important to pay close attention to the manufacturer of the IoT Fleet Management System. At HydraForce, our application engineering team has a wealth of experience developing optimized electro-hydraulic systems based on inputs from OEM customers for specific motion control requirements. We’re also extremely knowledgeable about troubleshooting, having helped many of our customers solve their unique problems with their systems.

IoT Fleet Management System Checklist

When selecting the right IoT management system for your off-road equipment and vehicles, many considerations can help you make a more informed buying decision. 

Below you’ll find a checklist for the most important features of an IoT Fleet Management System Checklist.

  • Remote Management Platform
  • Secure, Encrypted Gateway (GatE) for Machine Data
  • Customization Potential of Hardware and Software
  • Enhanced Connectivity
  • Number of CAN Bus Interfaces
  • One Global Variant of Modem
  • IoT Service Provider Compatibility
  • Experience

Which IoT Fleet Management System is Right for You?

Partnering with HydraForce offers many benefits, such as system expertise, in-depth product support from prototype to production, and simplified packaging. Click below to learn more about our fleet management system offerings for your off-road vehicles or equipment.