Jacto & HydraForce Ltda.

Jacto, a leading maker of agricultural sprayers and other farm equipment, celebrated 70 years of operation in Brazil in 2018.

Founded by the Japanese immigrant Shunji Nishimura in 1948, Jacto evolved from a modest workshop where one saw the “We Fix Anything” sign to one of the Brazil’s main manufacturers, with sales in five continents. Jacto was one of first customers in the early years of Hydraulic Designers, back in 2001, and it has a history rich in innovation and dedication to people.

“Getting to 70 years of operation is more than a business landmark. We are in constant movement and we do not get here alone. We always want to emphasize this. It is a value that we carry with great affection and that motivates us to build more for the next years to come, with dedication, innovation and love of work”, says Wanderson Tosta, Marketing Director of Jacto.

The company’s latest innovation is spraying technology with electrostatic drop loading and air assistance, available on the UNIPORT 3030 EletroVortex Self Propelled Sprayer. To develop this machine, Jacto conducted extensive field research that showed positive results of the EletroVortex technology, with potential to reduce applications and increase crop productivity, especially in soybean and cotton by up to 5% and 10%, respectively. HydraForce valves and manifolds are responsible for making this technology viable.

HydraForce products are in the steering and control system, height control, fan control, hydraulic autopilot, and speed control system.