Prototype Skid Steer from HydraForce - Messick Equipment Review 8/21

"There's no other machine like it!" Neil Messick of Messick Equipment said as he took a test drive on a skid steer outfitted with electrohydraulic technolgy developed by HydraForce and Roquet. This video shows Messick demonstrating the many unique hydraulic functions of this machine, including "return to dig," bucket shake, soft ride, float, self-leveling, telematics and a beginner mode. These functions are made possible with HydraForce electroproportional cartridge valves, including the EHPR and SVPR, LVDT linear variable displacement transducers for position sensing, ECU electronic controller and ERAU remote access unit for elegant and even remote control. Roquet provided the monoblock cylinder controls. The skid steer is actually a prototype Gehl R190 that has been used in testing for several years. Gehl developed the prototype electronic joystick that uses the HydraForce electronics.