A Product Line as Diverse as Your Machine

Backhoes are the multi-tool of the construction site. HydraForce cartridge products are there to manage and control the many functions.  HydraForce products for backhoe loaders include flow sharing proportional valves, directional controls for pattern replacement, meter in/meter out, pilot valves for ancillary functions, double-blocking load holding valves, proportional pressure limiting, and directional/sequencing valves. These can be combined into a single centralized integrated circuit or distributed throughout the machine in function-specific manifolds.


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Associated Applications

Crawler Excavators

Crawler Excavators

Powertrain | Variable Speed Fan Drives | Suspension Systems | Main Controls | Auxiliary Functions | Electronic Controls Learn More


Gravity lowering | Main control | Variable speed fan drives | Steering and brake controls | Powertrain | Load moment limitation Learn More
Concrete Pumpers

Concrete Pumpers

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VIDEO: Build a Better BOOM

Build a better boom with the HydraForce EBLV Boom Lock Valve. This innovative new hydraulic control solution provides safe lowering and protection from hose bursts for excavators, backhoes and other equipment.

Learn more about the HydraForce EBLV Boom Lock Valve
VIDEO: Build a Better BOOM

IOT Fleet Management for Backhoe Loaders

Implemented on backhoe loaders, HydraForce Internet of Things (IOT) technology improves reliability and availability and can even extend its lifetime. This is achieved by capturing and reporting operating data such as engine info, powertrains, variable speed fan drives, suspension systems, auxiliary functions, and main & electronic controls, as well as through enhanced control and improved asset utilization.

The construction industry makes substantial investments in equipment and machinery. IOT fleet management technology from HydraForce raises ROI by improving availability and reducing maintenance costs.

IOT Fleet Management Solutions  

  • Monitoring and logging of key operating characteristics (cycles, hours, temperatures, pressures, vibration, etc.)
  • Reporting of key performance indicators
  • Remote adjustment of on-board settings (maximum permitted speeds, loads, etc.)
  • Updating of onboard software
  • Geo-location
  • Reducing the risk of breakdown and preventing unnecessary maintenance