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Mining truck operators care about driving down the cost per ton and hydraulic systems play a major role, both in truck operation and in cost minimization. Precision, speed, and durability are paramount, and that’s why it’s important to use HydraForce force valves in mining truck controls.


The modern mining truck depends on hydraulics for almost every aspect of its operation. From transmission control systems to parking brakes and hoists, they all use hydraulic pressure developed by one or more pumps and distributed and controlled through manifolds and valves.


The latest generation hydraulic mining truck controls feature load sensing technology that keeps pumps and circuits running in low or no-load conditions until demand rises for flow and pressure. This improves efficiency and lowers operating costs, but demands even more from the hydraulic control system on the mining truck.


HydraForce cartridge-style valves support:

  • Brake controls
  • Accumulator charging
  • Priority steering controls
  • Transmission control
  • Diesel engine fuel and emission systems
  • Pilot actuation systems


HydraForce engineers every cartridge valve for optimal performance and durability. Valve bodies are available in steel, aluminum, and cast or ductile iron, and functional surfaces are plated and treated to excel in the harshest, most demanding environments.

Associated Applications

Conveying Systems

Conveying Systems

Conveyor systems provide an alternative to, or sometimes compliment, mining trucks, especially underground. Our precise yet rugged and durable valve technology ensures the safe and efficient operation of even the longest conveyors. Learn More

HydraForce IoT Solutions

IOT Fleet Management for Mining Trucks

Implemented on mining trucks, HydraForce Internet of Things (IOT) technology improves reliability and availability and can even extend its lifetime. This is achieved by capturing and reporting operating data such as variable speed fan control, brake controls, priority steering controls, and accumulator charging, as well as through enhanced control and improved asset utilization.

Mining operations make substantial investments in equipment. IOT fleet management technology from HydraForce raises ROI by improving availability and reducing maintenance costs.

IOT Fleet Management Solutions  

  • Monitoring and logging of key operating characteristics (cycles, hours, temperatures, pressures, vibration, etc.)
  • Reporting of key performance indicators
  • Remote adjustment of on-board settings (maximum permitted speeds, loads, etc.)
  • Updating of onboard software
  • Geo-location
  • Reducing the risk of breakdown and preventing unnecessary maintenance