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The SV90-G39X is a direct-acting, spool-type, 2-position, 3-way directional control valve. It is a drop-in, flange mounted, cartridge type valve for use with general purpose hydraulic fluids. The coil is an integral part of the valve and is not serviceable


When de-energized, the SV90-G39X allows flow from port 2 to port 1, while blocking flow at port 3. When energized, the spool shifts to open from port 3 to port 2, while blocking flow at port 1


  • Bi-directional operation.
  • Reduced leakage.
  • Low pressure drop
  • Economical drop-in style.
  • Fast response.
  • Corrosion-resistant plating.
  • Inlet port screen option for additional resistance to contamination.
  • Higher flow capacity at lower temperatures.
  • Integral waterproof coil standard. See page 3.400.1 for a description of tests conducted to verify coil waterproofing.
  • Coil voltage range from 10 to 28 VDC.
  • Top-mounted coil with several push-on termination options.
  • Round flange with optional mounting plates provides more options for orientation.
  • Retrofit mounting options also available.


Pressure Ratings
Pressure rating
45 bar (650 psi) All ports
Proof pressure
54 bar (780 psi) Port 1
207 bar (3000 psi) Port 2, port 3
Burst pressure
165 bar (2400 psi) All ports pressurized
275 bar (4000 psi) Ports 2 and 3 pressurized
Flow Ratings
Flow rating
30 lpm (8 gpm)
Maximum internal leakage
90 ml/min (5.5 in³/min) At 45 bar (650 psi)
Other Ratings
Cycle life
Ten million cycles
30 ms (pull-in) first indication of change of state with 100% voltage and flow rating
30 ms (drop-out) first indication of change of state with 100% voltage and flow rating
Environmental rating
Corrosion protection
1000 hr salt spray per ASTM b117
Temperature Ratings
Operating fluid temperature
-40 to 149 °C (-40 to 300 °F) With HNBR seals
-26 to 204 °C (-15 to 400 °F) With fluorocarbon seals
Storage temperature
-40 to 70 °C (-40 to 160 °F)
Ambient temperature
-40 to 120 °C (-40 to 248 °F)

Operating Parameters

Mineral based or synthetic hydraulic fluid with lubricating properties
Fluid viscosity range
7.4 to 420 cSt
Maximum operating contamination level
20/18/14 per ISO 4406


Unit weight
0.29 kg (0.65 lb)
Internal wetted surface area
314 cm² (48.6 in²)

Electrical Parameters

Valve inductance
65 mH Coil 10 Vdc
98 mH Coil 12 Vdc
146 mH Coil 14 Vdc
273 mH Coil 20 Vdc
418 mH Coil 24 Vdc
620 mH Coil 28 Vdc







Cartridge: Weight: 0.29 kg (0.65 lb) Steel with hardened work surfaces. Zinc-Nickel plated exposed surfaces. HNBR O-rings standard. Class N high-temperature magnet wire, with zinc-nickel plated shell.

Standard Ported Body: Weight: 0.55 kg (1.22 lb) Anodized high-strength aluminum alloy, rated to 207 bar (3000 psi). Must be ordered separately: Part No. 71607X0.

Note: Retrofit G3 line bodies and mounting plates are also available. Part numbers will differ. Contact HydraForce application engineering for details.

Mounting Plate: Must be ordered separately: Part No. 4595096

Mounting Screws: Must be ordered separately: Part No. 4002609

Installation Specifications

Installation type
Flange mounted
Orientation restriction
Mounting screw torque
3 to 4 N-m (2.2 to 3.0 ft-lb)
For retro-fitting into older drop-in cavities and other mounting options, see "g3_mounting_options" technical reference


Mounting plate
Hf p/n 4595096
Mounting screw
M5 x 0,8 x 12 mm long, hf p/n: 4002609 (sold separately)
Valve body
Hf p/n 71612x0 (sold separately) for retro-fitting into older drop-in cavities and other mounting options, see "g3_mounting_options" outline drawing
Seal kit
SK-G024-X X = seal option

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